Seventh Kommando

7th Kommando.jpg
Seventh Kommando
Formed Early thirty-first century
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons

Unit Description[edit]

The Seventh Kommando was an elite Special Forces infantry command that was part of the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command. They were attached to regular combat units of the Dragoons and carried out infiltration, espionage, intelligence gathering, and other special operations. The Seventh also carried out independent intelligence gathering missions for the Dragoons' intelligence arm, Wolfnet. They later expanded to serve in other special operation roles. The command is broken into "Teams" which consist of platoons of specialists.

Unit Insignia[edit]

The Seventh Kommando's insignia is a red numeral "7". The Insignia was later slightly changed to add a knife.[1]

Unit History[edit]

Mysterious Origins[edit]

The existence of the Seventh was not publicly known to the various Inner Sphere intelligence agencies until the 3030s. It was originally believed the Kommando were descendants of the SLDF's elite special forces units.[2]

Known Succession Wars Era Actions[edit]

After the 3005 appearance of Wolf's Dragoons in the Inner Sphere, the Kommando were dispatched ahead to gather intelligence on various Successor House activities.

In early 3006, Colonel Jaime Wolf presented intelligence to the Federated Suns on raiding activities on Liao held world of Halloran V, surprising First Prince Ian Davion. ComStar's ROM took two decades to track the leak to the elusive Kommando. The Kommando were attached to Delta Regiment of the Dragoons during the Halloran V mission. The Kommando were used to send false radio transmissions that fooled garrisoning forces on the planet, which thought that the Kommando were a regiment of BattleMechs. This distracted the Liao forces from Delta Regiment.

In November 3006, the Seventh Kommando infiltrated the Capellan world of Styk. There they stirred the defenders into making an attack against presumed "rebels" before the Dragoons' Alpha Regiment arrived to damage Styk's BattleMech production facilities.[3]

In 3007, the Kommando were sent on an independent mission where they conducted espionage activities and a punitive raid against elements of the Liao employed mercenaries of McCarron's Armored Cavalry. The Kommando sabotaged and destroyed supply depots in various cities, frustrating the Cavalry in their elusiveness. They were accompanied by the Special Recon Group to pinpoint the location of enemy bases as well as conduct other intelligence operations.

House Davion ordered the Dragoons to disrupt the alliance between House Kurita and Liao. The Kommando sabotaged various targets on New Aragon, leaving evidence that pointed to House Kurita.

House Liao was so impressed with the self-sacrifice of one member of the Kommando, nicknamed "Argent", while the unit was in their service (3010-3014) that they bequeathed a DropShip renamed Argent's Gift to them.[4]

Later Time Periods[edit]

Chaos March and Events Leading to the Jihad[edit]

The Seventh Kommando's abilities and capacities were better known by the time of the Jihad. The Kommando's teams ranged from space marines, BattleMech Shock troops, snipers, recon and other specialized groups. After the creation of the Chaos March, two of the Kommando's platoons were destroyed in the subsequent violence in the March.[5]


After the double strike against the Dragoons' homeworld of Outreach at the opening of the Jihad, General Maeve Wolf considered the Seventh Kommando dissolved due to them ignoring the general recall of all Dragoons to Arc-Royal.[6] However, this was a ruse to cover Seventh Kommando activities in the Word of Blake Protectorate.

By 3070, the teams of Seventh Kommando under command of Peter Whitehorse planned a devastating insurgent campaign as part of the Dragoons' resistance movement. They supported various resistance movements on the planet, including the reconstituted Black Widow Company. In September the Seventh Kommando's Black Wolf set up meetings to coordinate the efforts of the major resistance cells fighting the Word of Blake forces on the planet .[7]

In January 3073, White Wolf Team of the Seventh Kommando sent a "help" signal to the Dragoons' JumpShip to extract survivors of their Wolfnet spy network. The Dragoons dispatched the Black Widows later that month. After the successful extraction, the White Wolf under command of Anton Shadd withdrew back into deep cover.[8]

Dark Age[edit]

Under the command of Colonel Aaron Krull, the Seventh participated in the IlClan Trial. They were sent behind enemy lines to take a Clan Jade Falcon airfield. As the airfields were defended only by solahma infantry, they succeeded in sabotaging the grounded planes and withdrew into the forest but later suffered heavy casualties in a counterattack. That gave absolute air superiority to Clan Wolf.[9]

IlClan Era[edit]

After their heavy casualties on Terra, so few Kommandos survived that the new Dragoons' leader, Colonel Henry Kincaid was forced to deactivate the unit. However, some survived, though not enough to form a cohesive unit[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Seventh Kommando
Colonel Chayam Reis 3006[11]-3019[12]
Colonel Griffith Nikkitch 3030[13][14]
Major Leon Shostokvich 3059[15]
Colonel Aaron Krull 3151[16]



Composition History[edit]


Seventh Kommando - (Infantry Battalion)[14]

Command Platoon - (Motorized Infantry Platoon) (The Philly Boys, "Gold Wolf")
  • Commanded by Colonel Griffith Nikkitch - Unit Elite Skilled
Support: Fury Class DropShip, Argent's Gift
1st Platoon - (Motorized Infantry Platoon - Laser) (Team 1, "Red Wolf")
Support: Fury Class Dropship, Arrow
2nd Platoon - (Motorized Infantry Platoon - Laser) (Team 2, "White Wolf")
-Support: Fury Class Dropship, Northstar
3rd Platoon - (Motorized Infantry Platoon - Laser) (Team 3, "Gray Wolf")
Support: Fury Class Dropship, Northstar
4th Platoon - (Motorized Infantry Platoon - Laser) (Team 4, "Black Wolf", Shadow Platoon)
Support: Fury Class Dropship, Rio Nunzio


Support: Fury-class DropShips - Sheba, Rio Plata[17]


  • Seventh Kommando - (3 Infantry Platoons)[5]
    • 3 Teams (Platoon per Team)

-Note: These are the only known composites of Kommando known by Intelligence Agencies at the time of this writing. They were known to operate five Platoons, but only three are known to be operational.[18]

Vehicles & Equipment[edit]

Succession War era Equipment[edit]

During the later two Succession Wars, the Seventh Kommando acquired unique vehicles that were not employed by any nation of the time period. They fielded Kestrel VTOLs and Bandit Hovercraft produced by Blackwell Corporation exclusively for the Dragoons.

The Kommando employed a number of other vehicles such as one-man hovercraft not unlike the Savannah Master. Rumors suggested they also had access to Star League era Combat Suits, Drone Carriers and drones of various kinds for their missions.

The units equipment during this era included laser pulse rifles, Blackwell light particle guns and an assortment of other infantry weapons. They were known to use Jump Packs to employ their troops as Jump Infantry.[19]

Organization Structure[edit]


The Seventh Kommando's specific unit origins inside the original Clan Wolf have not been made clear, other than that they were once part of the Clan Wolf Warrior caste.


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