Severen Leroux

This article is about the Khan of Clan Nova Cat. For the WarShip in his name, see Severen Leroux (Individual Black Lion-class WarShip).
Severen Leroux
Severen Leroux
Died23 April 3060[2]
AffiliationClan Nova Cat
ProfessionAerospace pilot

Severen Leroux was Khan of the Nova Cats during the Clan Invasion who oversaw his Clan's defection to the Second Star League.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Born on Dagda,[3] Severen was considered an unexceptional cadet, and was in fact called before Clan disciplinary boards several times while in his sibko. Only the intervention of Khan Abram Radick kept him from being expelled, with the young Severen passing his Trial of Position out of the warrior caste.[4][5] Once his career began, however, things quickly changed. Assigned to the 32nd Nova Cat Assault Cluster, Severen recorded three kills in his first engagement against Clan Fire Mandrill, and by his second year had amassed thirty kills.[6] The future Khan excelled, steadily rising through the ranks to a command position.[7] In 3020, Leroux, now holding the rank of Star Captain, won the Leroux Bloodname, defeating Star Colonel Marla in a Trial of Bloodright.[8] And in 3030, Leroux won a Trial of Position to reach the rank of saKhan.[9]

Khan and Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Leroux was elected Khan of the Nova Cats in 3035, the chosen successor of Khan Abram Radick.[10][11]

In 3048, the appearance of the Outbound Light, a ComStar Explorer Corps JumpShip, in the Clan Homeworlds sparked a new call for an invasion of the Inner Sphere. Nova Cat Oathmaster Biccon Winters cautioned against this call, citing disaster foreseen in a vision. The Nova Cats fell within the Crusader faction at the time, however, and Leroux and saKhan Lucian Carns would not be denied, accepting the portion of the vision that supported their plans while ignoring the warning.[12][13] Engaging in the combat Trials to determine a place in the Clan Invasion, the Nova Cats disappointingly finished just out consideration, behind even Clan Steel Viper's reserve role as the "fifth Clan". Engaging in a Trial of Refusal, the Nova Cats successfully positioned themselves into a reserve role.[14] Both Nova Cat Khans and the Oathmaster accompanied the invading Clans along with their Nova Cat Keshik, aboard their WarShip True Vision.[15] They saw minor action during the campaign in the Periphery, and were chosen to serve as an escort to the Precentor Martial of ComStar, Anastasius Focht. When Oathmaster Winters saw the Precentor Martial, she interpreted from his white robes that he would be the cause of the Clan's destruction, and had to be restrained.[16] Leroux and Carns learned a great deal from the opening phases of the invasion, observing the superior planning of Clan Wolf over the other invading Clans. In October 3050, they witnessed the death of ilKhan Leo Showers at the hands of Tyra Miraborg. They saw this event as the fulfillment of the Oathmaster's vision, and believed they were now safe to press on in the invasion.[17]

Back on Strana Mechty, the Grand Council of Khans convened to elect a new ilKhan. Leroux and Carns supported the election of Ulric Kerensky, not to force him out as Khan of the Wolves (as other Crusader Khans wished), but because of they had seen Kerensky in action firsthand, and recognized his tactical genius. Kerensky was elected and did call up the Nova Cats to join in the invasion, but then assigned them to share an invasion corridor with Clan Smoke Jaguar, with whom the Nova Cats had a long-standing rivalry.[18] In December 3051, just before the invasion resumed, Leroux invited Anastasius Focht to Courchevel to attend the traditional ceremony Nova Cats undertake before entering battle.[19] Under Leroux's leadership, the Nova Cats engaged in a much more benevolent approach to the Inner Sphere citizens on the worlds they occupied, in stark contrast to the tyrannical measures of the Smoke Jaguars.[20]


IlKhan Kerensky approved a plan for both Clans Nova Cat and Smoke Jaguar to strike at the Combine's capital of Luthien in January 3052. Smoke Jaguar Khan Lincoln Osis was granted overall command of the operation, despite the protests of the Nova Cat Khans. Leroux proposed a strategy of attacking Imperial City directly, landing troops in the streets and cutting off the head of the Dragon. Jaguar saKhan Sarah Weaver rebuffed this proposal as foolish, the meeting nearly turned into a combat. Nevertheless, a plan was finally approved that gave both Clans a reasonable autonomy.[21] The Battle of Luthien proved to be one of the largest and hardest-fought battles of the invasion. In addition to several of the best regiments the Combine could assemble, Luthien was defended by five regiments of Wolf's Dragoons and two regiments of Kell Hounds, the best mercenaries in the Inner Sphere. Leroux personally led a fierce aerospace attack, securing the Nova Cats' landings. Khan Carns ordered part of Delta Galaxy to break with Osis' plan, instead reverting to Leroux's original plan, driving into the city. One Trinary reached the city and inflicted some damage before they were driven off. The rest of Delta and Alpha Galaxies met elements of the Dragoons and Kell Hounds in the Kado-guchi Valley. Although some of the Cats broke through the mercenary lines, they found themselves running straight into the Izanagi Warriors, veteran Combine warriors commanded by Takashi Kurita himself. Trapped between the "Dragon's Claws" and the Kell Hounds, those Nova Cats were destroyed. With 60 percent of his original invasion force out of action, Khan Leroux ordered the retreat back to Avon.[22]

Further Gains[edit]

Khan Leroux ordered Beta Galaxy to continue the invasion while Alpha rebuilt. Delta Galaxy was ultimately disbanded and dispersed, but Alpha was able to return to action relatively quickly.[23] The Nova Cats ultimately took nine worlds from the Combine during the invasion's fifth wave.


During the negotiations and bidding leading up to the Battle of Tukayyid, Leroux spoke out against the plan by the Smoke Jaguars and Jade Falcons to collude in their bidding to force the Wolf Clan land last on the planet. Nevertheless, the plan came to pass, with the Nova Cats winning the right to land third after bidding Alpha, Beta and the previously held-in-reserve Gamma Galaxies. Facing the bulk of the Com Guard Seventh and Twelfth Armies for the cities of Joje and Tost, the Nova Cats experienced early troubles during their hover-drop when aerospace fighters of the 417th Division won air superiority and strafed the Cats' landing zone. A kamikaze attack by a Hammerhead on Alpha Galaxy's command DropShip resulted in the destruction of six Stars each of OmniMechs and Elementals. Nevertheless, Leroux led his forces against Joje, but after pushing past the 244th Division, the Cats were lured into a trap Ninth and 417th Divisions. They were now surrounded by vibrabomb fields and Com Guard armor elements, while still facing aerospace strafing runs. Three days of heavy fighting bought them some relief, but expended most of their ammunition supplies. Carns was briefly able to capture several ComStar supply depots, only to lose them to a fierce counterattack. With Alpha Galaxy routed and with all units taking heavy damage, Leroux ordered a retreat. Gamma Galaxy attempted to cover the withdrawal, with all but a Trinary falling before the pursuing Com Guards. The Nova Cats had inflicted more damage on the defenders than any other Clan, but had themselves been all but shattered.[24]


The Nova Cat was just one of Leroux's legacies

After the defeat on Tukayyid, Leroux began planning many changes for the Nova Cats. Among the military changes was ordering the creation of a new Totem BattleMech, the Nova Cat.[25] Inspired in part by the Jade Falcon Night Gyr, the Nova Cat OmniMech would be a powerful addition to the Nova Cat arsenal, favoring superior firepower and armor protection where previous heavy OmniMechs focused on speed.[26] Spiritual and diplomatic changes were also planned by Khan Leroux, who began reconsidering the premonitions of Biccon Winters, who had predicted "terrible but wonderful" times coming for the Nova Cats. After consulting once again with the Oathmaster, Leroux decided to begin a limited dialogue with House Kurita.[27][28]

In a Grand Council meeting on 2 January 3058, Leroux seconded Lincoln Osis' nomination of Elias Crichell of Clan Jade Falcon to the office of ilKhan.[29] Crichell won the election, but his victory was short-lived as Vlad Ward challenged Crichell and killed him in hand-to-hand combat. A few months later back in the Clan Homeworlds, Leroux successfully reaffirmed his place as a warrior when all the Khans were called upon to take part in Trials of Position, to confirm their fitness to lead. Leroux's own victory was stunning enough to impress even his enemies.[30] During the meeting of the Grand Council on Strana Mechty in November 3058, Leroux, for his own reasons, seconded Marialle Radick's nomination of Lincoln Osis, Khan of the Smoke Jaguars, as the next ilKhan of the Clans.[31] Osis easily won the election, and preparations for a renewed invasion began.

The Rebirth of the Star League[edit]

Clan Nova Cat Joins the Star League

After the Battle of Coventry in 3058, the Combine reciprocated the Nova Cats' overtures in dramatic fashion, when Coordinator Theodore Kurita sent his own son, Minoru, as envoy. Minoru Kurita's mysticism made him a natural among the Nova Cats, and a vision by Winters just prior to Kurita's arrival led the Nova Cat Khans to view the negotiations as the fulfillment of a prophecy.[32]

When Coordinator Theodore Kurita and the reborn Star League formally offered an alliance to the Nova Cats, the Clan, under Leroux's leadership, responded enthusiastically to the offer, voluntarily revealing troop numbers on targeted worlds with preemptive batchalls. In what were effectively a series of mock Trials that often included no fighting, Nova Cat units became abtakha to the Star League Defense Force, holding the worlds they had been garrisoning in the name of the Star League and oftentimes turning on the Jaguars directly on worlds both Clans had shared.[33] These Nova Cat units effectively joined Operation Bulldog, the Star League's all-out assault on Clan Smoke Jaguar, a Trial of Annihilation in Clan fashion.[34]

On 1 July 3059, ilKhan Lincoln Osis brought the Inner Sphere invasion of the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone to the attention of the Grand Council, including the accusation that the Nova Cats were aiding in the attacks. Leroux, prepared for this eventuality, replied that the Nova Cats had also been attacked by the Star League Defense Force on nine worlds, which was technically true. He further successfully argued out that the Nova Cat troops that had attacked the Smoke Jaguars had been captured and redesignated by the SLDF, and as a result were no longer technically Nova Cat warriors.[35] On 13 March, 3060, ilKhan Lincoln Osis announced that a large Inner Sphere force, Task Force Serpent, had invaded the Jaguar homeworld of Huntress. Leroux reacted philosophically to the announcement, and none of the Khans were persuaded to provide aid to the Jaguars.[36]

Great Refusal and Death[edit]

On 10 April 3060, ilKhan Lincoln Osis returned to Strana Mechty, having been seriously wounded on Huntress and facing the reality of his Clan's Annihilation. In a meeting of the Grand Council, Osis named the Nova Cats traitors, but was rebuffed by Leroux. The ancient Nova Cat Khan defended his Clan's position, and questioned whether the Clans should oppose the SLDF, which was even then was headed for Strana Mechty led by Victor Steiner-Davion.[37] When the Star League Expeditionary Force arrived, they proposed a Trial of Refusal against the entire Clan Invasion. Leroux and the other Warden Clans refused to join with the Crusaders in participating in the coming battle on behalf of the Clans, warning his fellow Khans that they would damn themselves if they shed Inner Sphere blood.[38] The following day, as both sides prepared for the coming battles, Leroux and saKhan Carns approached Victor Davion and the Inner Sphere contingent. They insisted that they be include among the Star League forces, and that they be assigned to oppose Clan Ice Hellion. They further claimed to have foreseen this in a vision. Davion ultimately granted their request. When Trent, the former Smoke Jaguar who had revealed the Exodus Road to the Inner Sphere, protested his noninvolvement, Leroux struck him, knocked him to the ground, and placed a bondcord around his wrist. Claiming Trent as bondsman, he invited the much younger warrior to join the Nova Cat contingent opposing the Ice Hellions. When Victor asked Leroux about his actions, Leroux answered that Trent's death in the Refusal had been foreseen as well.[39]

So it was that the Nova Cats joined with the Inner Sphere powers when the Great Refusal was fought on Strana Mechty. Leroux and saKhan Lucian Carns personally commanded their warriors, leading them to an impressive victory over the Ice Hellions. Leroux personally defeated Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney in fighter combat before being killed himself. Carns was also killed during the fighting, but their efforts were enough to secure the win and help the Inner Sphere end the invasion.[40][41] Santin West would succeed him as Khan.


Severen Leroux in 3060

Leroux and Lucian Carns were honored and revered by the Nova Cats in the aftermath of their deaths, and their continued alliance with the new Star League and Draconis Combine. Sacred ceremonies in their honors would take place in the Nova Cats' new enclave in the Combine's Irece Prefecture.[42] So impressive was Leroux's leadership on the Nova Cats that they took the unprecedented step of renaming one of their Black Lion-class WarShips the SLS Severen Leroux.[43] Assigned to the Mystic Naval Star, the Severen Leroux served with distinction during the Jihad, destroying the Kokuryu-kai-controlled Kirishima-class Urizen II in the Avon system in July 3072, which had been indiscriminately attacking Nova Cat vessels.[44] The Severen Leroux was later destroyed over Bryant by the Word of Blake's Space Defense Systems during that world's liberation by Devlin Stone's Coalition.[45][46]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Leroux's length of service as Khan of the Nova Cats at such an advanced age was an incredible tribute to the abilities and charisma of a man who was more than twice the age where most Clan warriors are forced into solahma units. Likewise, the acceptance greeted by his decision for the Nova Cats to effectively defect to the Inner Sphere and the reborn Star League said a great deal about his authority as a leader. Although he heeded the traditions of the Nova Cats, including the "Ways of Seeing," Leroux never felt bound by them. This could be seen in his choice of fighter, a captured Scytha, which he piloted to great effect throughout his career.[47] It could further be seen in his dealings with Oathmaster Biccon Winters, whose vision and wisdom he sought, though ultimately rejected in the matter of the Nova Cats' support for the invasion.[48] Leroux was considered headstrong in his youth,[49] but in his later years his age, experience and wisdom became an asset, ultimately leading him to reconsider Winters' visions and led his Clan into its future.[50] Leroux was an elite fighter pilot, and was ambidextrous as well as being a natural tactician.[51] Leroux's comments to the High Council and to Victor Davion leading up to his death in the Great Refusal strongly imply that he foresaw his own death, and went to it without regret.[38][39]


"It is as it has been foreseen. The Jaguar will pass through the flames. Will he come out again? I cannot say."
  — Khan Severen Leroux, addressing the Grand Council, 13 March 3060[36]
"The Star League is come to oppose us. The question is not whether we can stand against them, but if we should stand against them."
  — Khan Severen Leroux, addressing the Grand Council, 10 April 3060[52]

Portrait Gallery[edit]

Aerospace fighters[edit]

Leroux piloted a Scytha OmniFighter for most of his career, despite the fact it was a Jade Falcon design and rare among the Nova Cats.[47][53][54]


  • Era Report: 3052 states that Severen Leroux was Khan "for more than five decades."[55] This figure does not match the information given in Era Report: 3062 and other works.[10] Further, the Luthien scenario pack, which contains a good deal of information later deemed apocryphal, lists Leroux's age as 55 at the time of the Battle of Luthien,[56] far younger than the approximation of 71 supported by other publications. These disparities have been confirmed by the developers.[57]
  • Likewise, the Invading Clans sourcebook states that Leroux and Carns were already serving as Khans of the Nova Cats in 3000 when the Dragoon Compromise was proposed, with both Khans supporting the proposal in light of their desire to delay their return until a Nova Cat was elected ilKhan.[58] Although both Khans were old at the time of their deaths, based on multiple other publications they could not have been in office at that point.


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