Sevren 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-44.468 : 313.247[e]
Spectral classK0III[1]
Recharge station(s)Nadir[1]

System Description[edit]

Sevren is located near the Skokie and Laurent systems. The system was also located Coreward from Terra.[2] There are at least three planets and a Recharge Station circa 3025.[1]

System History[edit]

The Sevren system was colonized at some point prior to 2234.[3]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Sevren III[edit]

Sevren III
Sevren Flag.jpg
System positionThird[1]
Jump Point distance5 days[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
LandmassesAt least 1 (Carlisle)[50]
History and Culture
Population1,543,000,000 (3025, apocryphal)[51]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerDuke of Sevren
Political LeaderLeutnant-General Cameron McCotter, Governor Pro Tem (3025)[1]
HPG ClassB[1]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Deanna LeTourneau (3025)[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

In May 2235, Sevren joined the worlds of Freedom and Ryde in declaring independence from the Terran Alliance; as a result, Admiral Leondard Juillard and General Armando Luchesi of the 2nd Interstellar Strategic Combined Assault Force dispatched three squadrons of vessels to put down the rebellion; one of these squadrons traveled to Sevren, and consisted of attack transports, assault carriers and some KF-equipped strike cruisers. One of the INTERSTRATCAF squadrons had been on exercise near Saturn, and as a result were able to reach the Sevren system in just three days.[3]

Once in the Sevren system the INTERSTRATCAF squadron proceeded to implement the plan assigned to it by Admiral Juillard and General Luchesi; the squadron blockaded the zenith and nadir jump points, deployed marine detachments on Sevren to impose martial law, replaced civilian leaders with military officers as the local commanders saw fit, and attempted to limit the ability of the seditious local populace to obtain or use weapons by detaining anyone found carrying such a weapon.[3]

The local population on Sevren reacted in a pattern that would soon become familiar to the Terran marines on many worlds as news of the rebellion was carried at considerable risk by blockade runners from world to world; many civilians retreated into the wilderness, and using weapons as primitive as staves and swords began an insurgency that used extensive guerrilla tactics against the Terran Alliance forces. The marines controlled the cities, but were hampered by rules of engagement intended to preserve the colony and prevented them from conducting active genocide or using weapons of mass destruction. The knowledge possessed by the locals of the terrain gave them a huge advantage outside the cities, and guerrilla frequently attacked military units traveling between settlements. Aided covertly by the crews of the iceships operated by the Ryan Cartel, the rebellion outlasted the will of the Alliance government to fight an insurgency across fifty worlds. Alliance forces and the Alliance government abandoned Sevren, leaving the world independent, along with the vast majority of the other settled worlds in the Inner Sphere.[5]

Third Succession War[edit]

The Draconis Combine would try and fail to take Sevren in 2995. During this effort, the newly formed mercenary unit, Barrett's Fusiliers, would capture an Overlord-class DropShip from the Eighteenth Dieron Regulars.[52]

In 3011, Sevren was under the control of the Lyran Commonwealth and defended by the Winfield's Brigade. The Draconis Combine attacked the world that same year and dealt heavy damage to the defenders. They took control of multiple cities before the Second Donegal Guards arrived and began to push back against the invaders. The counterattack was aided by the efforts of Lewan Tulmani and Cynth Tulmani, a brother and sister scout team piloting Commando BattleMechs from Winfield's Brigade that had escaped destruction from previous Combine attacks. The outcome of this battle is unknown, but the Combine did seize the world on or before 3015.[20]

Sevren was reclaimed by the Lyran Commonwealth in December 3024. Three BattleMech regiments, including Winfield's Brigade and the Thirtieth Lyran Guards, dropped on world to drive off the Combine forces. An engagement during this battle involving the use of MechBuster conventional fighters was noteworthy. Four MechBusters delayed a company of Winfield Brigade BattleMechs from seizing a strategic bridge. The Lyrans would seize the bridge, but the company of 'Mechs would suffer 66% losses due to the MechBusters.[53]

After driving the last Kurita 'Mech offworld the citizens began to rebuild their world. Unfortunately the Nesmith Nuclear Industries plant exploded the day after the last Kuritan DropShip left the world. The explosion scattered radioactive materials over several square kilometers, including the city of New Cartris. The resulting cleanup activity took three years, but was completed in early 3028.[1]

Prior to the Fourth Succession War[edit]

Sometime after 3025, Colonel Kester's Battalion of the Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards, a unit known for putting down internal revolts, was garrisoned on Sevren. The unit had just been assigned several examples of the new Hatchetman BattleMech that had started production in 3023. When elements of the Fourth Proserpina Hussars raided Sevren, the MechWarriors who were assigned the Hatchetman units lured the Combine troops into the crowded and narrow streets of a nearby city. There the Hatchetman earned its name and saw its first combat. As the Draconis forces moved into the city to flush out their opponents, a Hatchetman would appear from hiding and catch the raiders by surprise. The first confirmed combat kill by a Hatchetman was achieved by Leutnant Helimar Senton. His dark green 'Mech nicknamed "Alien" was caught on camera by a local news team cleaving the 'Mech of a Combine officer into pieces. The Combine raiders quickly retreated and Senton became a local hero.[54]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In November 3051, Sevren came under attack from Clan Wolf as part of the renewed Fifth Wave of Operation REVIVAL. Rich in mineral deposits and agricultural output the planet was a prestigious target, defended by the Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards under the veteran Hauptmann General Gilda Felra, and so saKhan Garth Radick pulled rank to ensure his Beta Galaxy won the bid to invade Sevren. Beta Galaxy made their landing on the continent of Carlisle, but were immediately attacked by the Arcturan Guards at Dinton Acres; although the battle was inconclusive it effectively blunted the Wolves' offensive. A second inconclusive battle was fought at Oisten Green, but in the succeeding fight at Bassingale the Third Battle Cluster exploited a gap in the Guards' line to penetrate their rear before reinforcements could arrive, putting the Lyrans on the defensive. When at the battle of Mt. Ripchuk a unit of Headhunters destroyed a battalion headquarters, General Felra ordered a retreat and the Arcturan Guards fled to Colmar.[50]

In 3054, elements of the Twelfth Falcon Regulars from Clan Jade Falcon challenges the Choyer Garrison Cluster in a Trial of Possession for a former Federated Commonwealth base at the foot of Mt. Ripchuk.[55]

Dark Age[edit]

When Clan Wolf left their Occupation Zone to build their new Empire, Sevren would fall to Clan Hell's Horses during the time between 3139 and 3140.[56]

Military Deployment[edit]


  • Eighth Donegal Guards[58]



  • Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT[60]


Sevren is a large industrial world thanks to the planet's rich veins of radioactive and nonradioactive metals. Factories on world make everything from fission reactor cores to major steel parts. Despite the world's relatively small ocean, the planet is a rich agricultural center as well. Numerous freshwater springs and underground rivers provide all the water necessary for large cultivation projects. This collection of valuable resources has made the world a significant target for many factions. It is not uncommon to see large wasteland areas of scarred earth, uprooted forests and the remains of crushed buildings. However, most of the world has avoided destruction and retains its original character.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Carlisle: continent[50]
    • Bassingale: site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL[50]
    • Dinton Acres: site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL[50]
    • New Cartris: major city[1]
    • Mt. Ripchuk: site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL[50]
      • Unnamed Federated Commonwealth military base at the foot Mt. Ripchuk[55]
    • Oiston Green: site of an important battle during Operation REVIVAL[50]

Industrial Centers[edit]


  • Sevren is incorrectly referenced as "Severen" and "Severn" in several publications.[citation needed]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 48 systems (46 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Skokie 9.7 Laurent 10.3 Moritz 13.6 Vulcan 23.4
Dell 24.3 Colmar 25.8 Maestu 26.0 Weingarten 28.2
Tamar 29.1 Basiliano 29.2 Volders 29.6 Cusset 29.9
Svarstaad 30.8 Dompaire 33.0 Zoetermeer 37.8 Ridderkerk 38.0
Kandis 39.0 Bessarabia 41.0 Biota 41.6 Thannhausen 41.7
Kreller 42.5 Kobe 43.3 Kufstein 43.7 Hohenems 43.8
Hyperion 44.0 Sudeten 44.4 Perrot 45.6 Vantaa 47.5
Mozirje 49.2 Karston 49.7 Leskovik 50.1 Bushmill 50.2
Wheel 50.3 Memmingen 51.1 Rastaban 51.6 Montmarault 52.3
Planting 52.3 Hainfeld 54.4 Feltre 54.6 Stonarboi 54.8
Graus 58.4 Stanzach 59.0 Suk 59.1 Heiligendreuz 59.5
Benfled 59.7 Thun 59.8 Baker 3 61.0 Seiduts 61.2


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