Shackleton AESV

Shackleton AESV
Production information
Manufacturer Donovan-Miter
Use Exploration
Planetary Surveyor
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3093[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 50
Speed 46
Top Speed 64
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Armament Machine Gun
Heat Sinks 10
Armor BAR 10
Crew 5
1 officer
3 enlisted/non-rated
1 Gunner
BV (2.0) 298[2]


The Shackleton AESV (All-Environment Survey Vehicle) is a civilian ground-based Wheeled Support Vehicle used for Exploration and Scouting roles.

This vehicle was bankrolled by Interstellar Expeditions as a replacement for the storied Magellan Series of Exploration Vehicles. It was developed and produced by the Donovan-Miter company, which also has major controlling share in Interstellar Expeditions, who had pushed to have the vehicle produced. Initially, an OmniVehicle based on Magellan was in development prior to the Jihad with the Blackwell Corporation. However, though Blackwell's destruction ended this effort to produce the Magellan Series 5, the Star League-era Series 4 had already resumed production with Donovan-Miter. It was reaching out to the Republic of the Sphere that allowed Donovan-Miter to begin production of the Shackleton in 3093.

After production began, the vehicle entered service exclusively with Interstellar Expeditions and the Republic of the Sphere.[3]

Equipment & Capabilities[edit]

Designed with advanced technologies to allow it to operate in the extreme environments of far off space and other hostile planetary environments, the Shackleton was fitted with a 4-ton Fusion Engine, which gives it a modest movement speed. While not the fastest, the Shackleton has a highly-maneuverable off-road chassis and its jump jets allow it to move itself across terrain that would be impossible for most ground vehicles. For durability, the engineers fitted the Shackleton with four tons of BAR-10 Rated Commercial Armor, Environmental Sealing, and a highly advanced Armored Motive System.

For its intended role as an exploration vehicle, the Shackleton has been fitted with a grabber-style Lifthoist and Mining Drill mounted in front, mounted not unlike a 'Mech. It also features a Beagle Active Probe and up to a ton of Communication Equipment.[4]

Related Vehicles[edit]


The Shackleton is fitted with Armored, Environmental Sealing and Off-Road Chassis Modifications. Its Technology Rating is F/X-X-F (Advanced)


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