Production information
Manufacturer Master's Wings Aerospace
Production Year 3072[1]
Model S-HA-O
Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 35
Structural Integrity
Frame Spectral Series SH1F
Power Plant Hermes 245 XL

Primary (Invictus) Configuration

Communications System Master's Voice Cel-Beta
Tracking & Targeting System Master's Sight 2-Psi
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
BV (2.0) 1,268[2]


The lightest, fastest and newest of the Word of Blake's three Spectral Series OmniFighters, in keeping with the Spectral's motif the almost alien looking Shade is named for a ghostly apparition.[2]

The apex of Precentor Vapula's high-powered multi-directional vectoring engines and collapsible wing structures, almost halving the fighter's profile to the point it resembles a shuttle or Escape Pod to allow the Shade to make murderously tight high-G turns that only the elite cyber-enhanced Manei Domini can withstand.[2]

Using a 245 XL Engine and six and half tons of Divine Shield-D Ferro-Aluminum armor, the Shade boasts excellent speed and protection for its size and intended role as a interceptor, while mounting ten fixed double heat sinks and still leaving 15.5 tons available in pod space.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The nose-heavy primary Invictus configuration mounts a single Heavy PPC supported by two Medium Pulse Laser in its nose bay, a Guardian ECM Suite boosting its effectiveness.[2]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alt. Config. A (Dominus
    Favoring a mix of missiles and lasers, the Dominus configuration features a LRM-15 with Artemis IV FCS mounted in its nose bay, supported by pair of ER Medium Lasers in each wing. A single extra Double Heat Sink barely enhances heat dissipation to protect the two ton CASE equipped ammo bay from cooking off. BV (2.0) = 1,265[2][4]
  • Alt. Config. B (Infernus
    A laser based dogfighter, the Infernus configuration mounts two ER Large Lasers in its nose, supported by an aft mounted ER Small Laser. All three lasers are linked to an advanced Targeting Computer to enhance their accuracy, while two additional double heat sinks strive to keep them firing. BV (2.0) = 1,209[2][5]
  • Alt. Config. C (Comminus
    A hard-striking mixed missile/laser variant, the Comminus mounts a single Thunderbolt 10 launcher in its nose, supported by paired ER Medium Lasers in each wing. Two additional double heat sinks attempt to keep the heat of this variant under control to prevent the two tons of CASE protected missile reloads from exploding. BV (2.0) = 1,186[2][6]
  • Alt. Config. D (Luminos
    A laser-boat variant, the Luminos features twin nose-mounted Large Pulse Lasers supported by a trio of ER Small Lasers, one in the nose and each wing. BV (2.0) = 927[2][7]
  • Alt. Config. E (Eminus
    A mixed longer ranged variant, the Eminus mounts a CASE protected Light Gauss Rifle supplied with a single ton of reloads in its nose, supported by an ER Medium Laser in each wing. BV (2.0) = 973[2][8]



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