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Shadow Divisions

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Shadow Divisions
Formed unknown, presumed late 3060s
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Shadow Divisions were the greatest surprise to Inner Sphere intelligence agencies during the Jihad. Led by Precentor Apollyon and reporting directly to The Master, the Shadow Divisions served as the Blakist's main offensive arm, initiating first strikes against the capital worlds of Tharkad, New Avalon, Luthien, Atreus and Sian. Consisting solely of Manei Domini troops, the Shadow Divisions quickly proved themselves the equal of most elite military commands.[1] With their focus on offensive operations, the Shadow Divisions spent most of their time outside the borders of the Word of Blake Protectorate.[2]

Though the Shadow Divisions and Word of Blake Militia (WoBM) both ultimately answered to the Master, their respective commanding officers (Precentor Apollyon and Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais) were bitter rivals. This friction, as well as the Manei Domini habit of looking down on the "Frails" that made up most of the Militia troops, leading to several cases where the Word suffered avoidable reversals. Late in the Jihad, there were rumors that Shadow Divisions raided Protectorate worlds and killed members of both the Militia and Protectorate Militia.[2][3][4]


As the Shadow Divisions' existence was a complete surprise to the Inner Sphere, very little is known about their early history. The first known sightings of the Shadow Divisions came at the onset of the Jihad in 3067 when they struck Tharkad and New Avalon. However, as the horrors of the Jihad dragged on they became notorious for their brutality.


The Shadow Divisions employed any weapon that would help them achieve victory. Usually these were updated conventional weapons such as OmniMechs or OmniFighters, but the Shadow Divisions were especially dangerous when losing. They indiscriminately used nuclear weapons, orbital bombardments, chemical, and biological weapons on those worlds where they were defeated. One of the prime examples of this is Galax where they employed a chemical weapon to poison the fragile biosphere of the planet, forcing the world into quarantine.

Units of the Shadow Divisions[edit]

When the Shadow Divisions first appeared in the Inner Sphere, they consisted of 13 divisions.


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