Sharilar Mori

Sharilar Mori
Sharilar Mori
Died25 October 3068
Title(s)Primus of ComStar

Sharilar Mori succeeded Myndo Waterly into the role of Primus, which precipitated the ComStar Schism.


Early service to ComStar[edit]

Born in the Draconis Combine, the young Sharilar Mori was inducted into the ranks of Order of Five Pillars and ordered to infiltrate the shadowy quasi-religious communications organization ComStar.

Accepted into the Blessed Order at age 14, the gifted Mori began a steady climb through ranks of the Order's intelligence division ROM, becoming the protégé of militant Precentor Dieron Myndo Waterly, who saw in Mori a younger version of herself. Mori's apparent loyalty to her supposed mentor was rewarded when Waterly ascended to the rank of Primus, naming the relatively young Mori as her successor as Precentor Dieron over the protests of the First Circuit.[1]

Serving on the Order's ruling First Circuit and as the Advocate Precentor for all HPG stations in the Draconis Combine, Mori was placed in an incredible position to leak sensitive information to the Combine as well as control public data transfers, most notably serving as the initial conduit for the meetings between Myndo Waterly and Theodore Kurita which led to Operation ROSEBUD and the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic.[1]

On 19 January 3040, Mori would serve as the ComStar witness at the signing of the Exeter Accords, officially signifying the conclusion of the War of 3039.[2]

Content to primarily protect her cover, the dire threat of the Clan Invasion forced Mori to take a much more proactive role. As the invaders cut a swath through the Combine, Mori leaked the knowledge that the Clans planned an assault on the Combine capital of Luthien, the advanced warning ensuring time to mount a proper defense and carry the day for the Inner Sphere forces. As a member of Waterly's inner circle, Mori was made aware of Operation SCORPION and realized that her mentor's goals were too far divorced from the will of Blake and ComStar's role as protector of the Inner Sphere. Mori's response was twofold: to leak advance warning of the Interdictions to the Combine to mount a counteroffensive, and to shield the fanatical Waterly from discovering the full extent of Scorpion's failure.

Upon Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht's return to Terra after the Battle of Tukayyid and his violent removal of Waterly from office, he revealed his suspicions of Mori's loyalty to the Combine. Citing his belief that she shared the same view of the good ComStar could do if properly directed, he advocated that Mori take the reins of the organization to provide just such direction.

Assumption of power[edit]

Immediately following her assumption of the Primus office, ComStar divided between those leaning more to the Toyama-inspired mystical side of ComStar's history, and those that chose to follow the more public nature that the organization had sought to promote (that is, a benevolent guardian of human civilization). This was only exacerbated by Mori's reforms to promote the latter viewpoint.[3]

One noted project ordered by Mori prior to 3055 was to authorize the Research Team-chi to compile an historical document detailing the complete history of ComStar, including the fall of the Star League and the Word of Blake schism from the larger organization.[3]

Mori sought to avoid further angering Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion by moving an additional Com Guard unit from the Free Rasalhague Republic, which played a part in the 30 November 3057 decision to hire the 21st Centauri Lancers to garrison Terra.[4][5]


Sharilar Mori was assassinated in the ComStar command center on Orestes by disillusioned members of ComStar's ROM on 26 October 3068. The individuals who assassinated Mori—individuals who included Victoria Parrdeau, the head of ROM—also attempted to assassinate Anastasius Focht on the same day, before fleeing. Mori's death left Gavin Dow to assume the post of Primus by default.[6]

An autopsy by ComStar doctors showed Mori had been killed with a shard of glass. Ironically, it was also discovered that the Primus had Kilen-Watts Syndrome, an infection that may have killed her within a few weeks.[7]



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