Sharon Bryan

Sharon Bryan
Character Profile
Died 16 August 3064
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Rank General[1]
Title(s) Margrave of Melissia Theater[1]

Sharon Bryan (died 16 August 3064[2]) was a high-ranking Lyran officer in service to the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and later the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. She was best known for her participation in Task Force Serpent.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Little has been published regarding Sharon Bryan's early life and career, but it may be readily assumed that she was born in the Lyran Commonwealth. It is known that by 3064, she was one of the longest-serving officers in the LAAF.[3] By 3050, Bryan had achieved the rank of Marshal in the AFFC, and was in command of the elite Eleventh Lyran Guards. At the time of the Clan Invasion, the Guards were based on Callison on the Free Worlds League border, then in the Skye March of the Federated Commonwealth.[4] This situation remained unchanged in 3054.[5]

When Operation GUERRERO struck in 3057, Callison found itself under attack from a Free Worlds League Military task force, in the form of the First Free Worlds Guards, the Fourth Free Worlds Legionnaires, and the Falcons regiment of the Silver Hawk Irregulars. At virtually the same time, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion announced the formation of the Lyran Alliance, effectively seceding from the Federation Commonwealth. Under an agreement with the Free Worlds League, the new Archon recalled the Eleventh Guards and other units loyal to House Steiner from those worlds under attack, effectively ceding them to Captain-General Thomas Marik. Bryan, a staunch Lyran supremacist, recognized Katherine's claim, and pulled her troops off-world.[6][7] Later while temporarily based on Wyatt, Bryan and the LAAF reorganized the Eleventh Guards into a Lyran "showcase" unit, purging it of troops with "Davionist sympathies". This included Hauptmann Caradoc Trevena, who was transferred to the Tenth Skye Rangers.[7][8]

The Coventry Campaign[edit]

During Clan Jade Falcon's push on Coventry in 3058, Bryan and her Eleventh Guards were briefly rotated to Tharkad in case of a potential breakthrough. [9] They were later part of the massive multinational Inner Sphere relief force led by First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht. [10] Bryan did not endear herself to the other commanders of the expedition, as she demanded a commanding position in planning and operations. She also questioned the commitment of the mercenary portion of the force, as they were being paid. Colonel Daniel Allard pointed out that Bryan's Eleventh Lyran Guards had retreated in the face of combat on Callison, infuriating the Marshal but briefly silencing her.[11] Bryan also repeatedly suggested the Jade Falcons would oppose the landing of the task force, despite the fact she had little experience opposing the Clans. Victor Steiner-Davion and Ragnar of Clan Wolf-in-Exile both insisted that the tradition-minded Falcons would honor Safcon, but Bryant remained highly skeptical. When Focht, the victor of the Battle of Tukayyid, stated that his 472nd Com Guard Division would be the first unit to land, she retorted that "You'll bleed just as easily as any FedCom." [12] When Victor Steiner-Davion and Caradoc Trevena ultimately offered the Falcons Hegira, allowing them to depart from Coventry with no further fighting, Bryan bitterly protested in light of the destruction the Falcons had inflicted. She even went so far as to name Trevena, who had spent three hard months fighting the Falcons, a coward. She was rebuked by Prince Victor, Focht and Trevena, as the result forced the Falcons to withdraw and spared both the Clan and Inner Sphere forces from a battle that would have devastated both sides. [13] Bryan would continue to express disgust for the move in the months to follow, even though the other commanders of the task force - including Sir Paul Masters of the Knights of the Inner Sphere and Wu Kang Kuo of the Harloc Raiders - both found the situation acceptable.[14]

First Whitting Conference[edit]

In late 3058, the leaders of the Inner Sphere met on Tharkad to discuss joint operations against the Clans. During the conference, General of the Armies Nondi Steiner chose Marshal Bryan as the Alliance's representative for the strategy planning sessions, and was ordered to ensure the LAAF would not be forced to commit disproportionate forces towards a prospective Star League Defense Force. [15] In a private conversation, Steiner named Bryan among those who could potentially lead the new Star League Defense Force against the Clans. [16] When the planning sessions of what would become Operation Bulldog and Operation Bird Dog were first proposed, Bryan instead suggested an attack on the Clan Homeworlds. When Khan Phelan Kell of Clan Wolf-in-Exile stated his Clan no longer possessed the coordinates for Strana Mechty, she accused him of lying. Further, Bryan attempted to insist that the Clans be completely ejected from the Inner Sphere as the ultimate goal of the alliance, though Focht tabled that discussion for the political leaders. [17] During further strategy planning sessions, Bryan repeatedly questioned whether Clan Nova Cat would honor their commitment to join the Second Star League in the coming conflict. When Precentor-Martial Focht produced a map of the Exodus Road to the Clan Smoke Jaguars' homeworld of Huntress in the Kerensky Cluster, Bryan was the first to call for a direct assault on the heart of the Jaguar. She was quick to protest, however, the presence of the Jaguar defector, Trent, among the allied forces. Bryan's presence at the session also made her Eleventh Lyran Guards a natural choice to be included in the long-range strike at the Clan Homeworlds.[18][19]

Task Force Serpent[edit]

Main article: Task Force Serpent

Preparations and Journey[edit]

Along with the other units chosen for Task Force Serpent, Bryan led the Eleventh Lyran Guards to Defiance to begin training for their expedition to Clan space. While there, they engaged in mock combat engagements against the Com Guard 472nd Division, the vaunted Invader Galaxy that served as an aggressor unit. Predictably, the elite Invader Galaxy got the best of the Lyran Guards in the early engagements.[20] Although the Eleventh Lyran Guards were nominally a Regimental Combat Team, the limitations of transport determined that almost all of their conventional forces would remain behind. In the end, St. George's Regiment would be represented by 116 BattleMechs and four combat vehicles.[21] This still qualified the Guards as an elite, reinforced regiment. The unit was transported by six DropShips and one JumpShip provided by the Alliance.[22] While in transit, Bryan continued to attend the task force command sessions. At the first such meeting on 29 June, the staff discussed the use of WarShips against planetary targets, as well as the treatment of potential prisoners of war. Bryan agreed with Paul Masters' assessment that ordering soldiers to effectively violate the Ares Conventions would destroy morale and unit cohesion. When Sho-sa Michael Ryan of the Draconis Elite Strike Teams and Captain Roger Montjar of the Rabid Foxes pointed out that the task force did not have enough resources to support prisoners, Bryan leaped up to protest but was cut off by Morgan Hasek-Davion, the task force commander, who put an end to the discussion. Hasek-Davion then called for readiness reports, with Bryan reporting her Eleventh Guards at one hundred percent readiness.[23] After the Battle of Trafalgar on 15 December, the task force command staff discussed the disbursement of Clan Ghost Bear material taken as isorla. Bryan was incensed when Leftenant General Andrew Redburn proposed the First Kathil Uhlans technicians examine the Clan OmniMechs that had been captured. Hasek-Davion once again had to step in, putting aside the issue of spoils and focusing on the prisoners - including a thousand civilians - who had been taken by the task force.[24] Bryan later predictably complained when the captured Fire Fang was placed under the care of the Rabid Fox team,[25] and was likewise angered that the Stiletto, a Broadsword-class DropShip, was offered to the DEST commandos.[26] On 30 December at another staff meeting, Bryan pressed Hasek-Davion once again to reconsider the possibility of orbital bombardment. This time she was unexpectedly supported by Commodore Alain Beresick of ComStar, who proposed firing protocols to ensure that only proper military targets were targeted. Hasek-Davion agreed to review the proposal.[27] When Hasek-Davion was poisoned in his sleep during the journey, Ariana Winston of the Eridani Light Horse, Hasek-Davion's second-in-command, was named the new acting commander. The change in leadership made little difference in Bryan's demeanor or relationship with the command, as she continued to protest any perceived slight to her Lyran Guards, including when the Stiletto was docked with the Uhlans' JumpShip, the Ericsson, as she believed Winston was assigning captured OmniMechs to the Federated Commonwealth troops.[28]


When the fighting on Huntress finally began on 12 March, 3060, the Eleventh Lyran Guards assaulted the Jaguar training area near Bagera. Bryan regarded the assignment as the toughest challenge on Huntress, and her natural suspicion led her to believe that Winston had deliberately tasked her with an assignment that would prove costly. Regardless, the Guards faced heavy opposition throughout, as Jaguar fighters attacked their DropShips during their landings, seriously damaging at least one vessel. The defending Jaguars were well prepared for the Lyrans, as a Supernova Trinary of Clan second-line 'Mechs, captured Inner Sphere 'Mechs and Elementals attacked their landing zone before most of the Guards could disembark. By the time the House Steiner forces had eliminated the Jaguars, 51 BattleMechs had been knocked out of the fight.[29] Advancing on the training area, the Lyran Guards soon found their reconnaissance company under attack from a large number of 'Mechs and Elementals. Bryan attempted to intervene with her own command company made up of assault and heavy 'Mechs. Disturbingly, the Jaguars had posted a previously unknown unit of frontline OmniMechs to Bagera, and these inflicted heavy damage to the approaching Eleventh Guards. The Marshal downed a Jaguar Hellbringer, but was soon confronted by an Ebon Jaguar. The Clan MechWarrior knocked Bryan's 'Mech out of action, triggering her auto-eject and injuring the Marshal. She was quickly recovered by the crew of a Fulcrum hovertank, and she attempted to reassert command of the battle from inside the combat vehicle. Discovering that the Lyran Guards had been driven back and the Jaguars were massing for another assault, Bryan called for orbital bombardment from the Fire Fang, becoming the first reported Inner Sphere commander to employ WarShips against ground targets in centuries. Turning command over to Colonel Timothy Rice, her second-in-command, the fire support from the WarShip completely devastated the defending Jaguars, destroying ten 'Mechs outright and crippling the others. Bagera was soon secured by the Lyran Guards.[30][31][32] Casualties to the regiment were heavy, however. 25 percent of the Eleventh's MechWarriors were killed or seriously injured. 50 percent of the Guards, including Marshal Bryan, also suffered injuries, while forty of the Lyran 'Mechs were considered unsalvageable. When the numbers were counted, nonrecoverable losses to the Guards were nearly 50 percent.[33][34][35]

After Huntress had been taken, Bryan attended a meeting of the task force command staff meeting where General Winston read their official orders - to completely demolish the infrastructure of Huntress and thus destroy the Smoke Jaguars capacity to make war. When William MacLeod of the Northwind Highlanders joined Sir Paul Masters in asking Winston to reconsider these orders, Bryan complained that Macleod was only putting that view forth because his Highlanders had taken the BattleMech factory near Pahn City intact, and he wished to transport it back to the Inner Sphere. The meeting soon turned into a shouting match between the assorted commanders, with Winston bringing it under control by firing her sidearm in the air.[36] Back in her own operations area, Bryan then carried out secret orders she had received from Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion, copying files on the Clans' genetic engineering and sibko programs that were, by rights, property of the Star League. Once the process had been completed, she ordered the training facility buildings destroyed in accordance with her orders.[37] In the aftermath of the battle, Bryan, still suffering from her injury, was forced to turn temporary command over to Colonel Rice.[38]

If this task force is to be destroyed, then my place is with my troops, not in some rear-area aid station.
  — Marshal Sharon Bryan, retaking command of the Eleventh Lyran Guards[39]

A week later on 19 March, Jaguar reinforcements arrived in-system. Bryan and the remnants of her Lyran Guards were initially placed in a reserve role by General Winston, based in the Lunar Range on the Abysmal continent with the smaller commands.[40] Realizing the odds were now stacked against them, Bryan and other commanders in the task force began lobbying for an evacuation. Winston denied their requests on the grounds that a forced withdrawal would leave them vulnerable, and the Jaguars' ability to make war had not been destroyed. The Annihilation would not be complete.[41] By 29 March, the SLDF forces were reeling against the Jaguars, and the reserves, including the Eleventh Guards, were committed.[42] The following day, Bryan and her troops reached Winston's bivouac in the Jaguar's Fangs just before dawn. Bryan had retaken command despite her injury, saying it was her duty to fight with her troops.[39] Later that day, the battle for Huntress was effectively decided when Victor Steiner-Davion led a relief force from Operation Bulldog to relieve the beleaguered remnants of Task Force Serpent. General Winston was among the casualties. Losses to all the Serpent commands were astronomical, for most in excess 80 percent, with the battalion from the 2nd St. Ives Lancers reduced to a single 'Mech.[43][44]

Return to the Inner Sphere[edit]

Upon their return to the Inner Sphere, the Eleventh Lyran Guards were disbanded in light of their horrific casualties. For her own part, Sharon Bryan was promoted to General, and was appointed Margrave in command of the Melissia Theater, a critical region of the Alliance that bordered the Clan Occupation Zones.[45] In October 3061, Bryan commented publicly on the ejection of Clan Steel Viper from the Inner Sphere, at the hands of the Jade Falcons, this coming as a result of the brief Falcon-Viper War. Bryan attempted to attribute these events to the successes of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces over the years, and expressed moral support for any Steiner resistance movements active in the occupation zones.[46] Later in 3061, General Bryan prepared a report to the Star League on the military readiness of the LAAF. In it, she identified a potential uprising in favor of Victor Steiner-Davion as the single greatest threat facing the Alliance, and she produced a roster of LAAF commands with a breakdown of each unit's loyalty with respect to either the Archon or her brother.[47] As head of the Melissia Theater, General Bryan approved of all offensive operations against the Clans in her region. She repeatedly denied the requests of the Third Alliance Guards to begin raiding the Jade Falcons on the grounds of the Guards' inexperience.[48]

When the FedCom Civil War broke out in early 3063, Bryan was on Melissia, but was not in position to directly obstruct Prince's Victor's advance, despite the fact that he began his operations within her Theater.

Jade Falcon Incursion[edit]

Adam Steiner protested Bryan's strategy on Melissia

When Clan Jade Falcon began their assault on the Alliance in May of 3064, Bryan's instinct was to fortify her base on Melissia with as many loyalist units as she could assemble, a strategy of force concentration.[49] When she ordered the Sixth Donegal Guards off Kikuyu, a world already under attack, she effectively abandoned the mercenary The Dioscuri, who were likewise forced to retreat with heavy losses.[50][51] On 23 May, Archon Katherine herself personally ordered Adam Steiner and the Fourteenth Donegal Guards to link up with Bryan at Melissia.[50][52][53] On that same day on Halfway, Victor Steiner-Davion met with top allied commanders to discuss the incursion and Bryan's strategy, noting that it would play into the Jade Falcons' hands by allowing them to swallow up worlds without facing resistance and engage the force on Melissia at their leisure.[54] On 15 June, the Fourteenth Donegal Guards arrived on Melissia. Bryan personally greeted Leutnant-General Adam Steiner, and briefed him on her plan. The Lyran forces would h down in the Loveless Foothills, turning the command center there into a heavily fortified bunker with static defenses and using her 'Mechs to draw the Falcons to it like a wall. Bryan insisted on naming the fortification "The Rock". Steiner was alarmed that these tactics, which had always failed against the Clans in the past, were being implemented, and attempted to convince Bryan to adopt a more mobile defense. Bryan categorically refused, referring back to the Coventry campaign when a large Inner Sphere task force had allowed the Falcons to depart, much to Bryan's consternation.[50][55] The Third Alliance Guards retreated to Melissia from Blue Hole, though they had taken heavy losses and only two battalions would be back on active duty on Melissia.[50][56] When the Storm's Metal Thunder mercenary unit, who had been in House Steiner's employ for many years, arrived on Melissia, it was discovered they had been reduced to a mere two active 'Mechs. [57] Over the course of several weeks, Bryan continued to build on her bunker strategy, dismissing the concerns of General Steiner and other officers. The surrounding hilly terrain provided virtually nothing in the way of natural defenses, playing into the hands of the Clans who excel in open-field tactics.[58] Bryan had repeatedly refused Steiner's advice, and was insistent that victory was assured. It was only after repeated requests that she allowed him to prepare a contingency plan in case her defense failed, maintaining a dismissive air regarding the matter.[59] Bryan's assembled forces included the Ninth Lyran Regulars, the Sixth and Fourteenth Donegal Guards and the Third Alliance Guards, along with some local militia units she had absorbed. However, only the Ninth Regulars were at full strength, and they had never seen action against the Clans.[50][60] Just before the Jade Falcons' arrival, a mixed force landed on Melissia, led by Colonel Felix Blucher of the Fifteenth Arcturan Guards. This "hodge podge" unit, acting without orders, had been formed from the remnants of the Guards and from elements of various Melissia Theater militia units. Bryan was typically enraged that Blucher had called up so many of the troops under her command, but at Adam Steiner's insistence, she did not have Blucher arrested. The ad hoc reinforced regiment became the sole Lyran reserves for the battle. [50][61] She placed most of these commands under Adam Steiner's direct tactical command, though she maintained overall strategic command, insisting her strategies be followed. [60] Finally, Bryan also refused any communication or coordination with the allies, under the belief that Victor would receive the credit for repelling the Falcons. [55]

Death on Melissia[edit]

Oh god, they've killed her. General Bryan is dead. Oh my—
  — Unknown Lyran staff officer, 16 August 3064[62]

"You did not send aid, but saddled me with Sharon Bryan, whose misguided 'leadership' almost got me killed". Adam Steiner speaking with Katherine Steiner, after Operation Audacity.[63]

On 13 August, the Jade Falcons struck Melissia in force as part of their fourth wave, led by Khan Marthe Pryde. Seven Clusters descended on planet. [64] Bryan had declined their batchall, so the defenders would not know exactly how many troops they were facing. [65] Khan Pryde refused to go for Bryan's bait, instead relying on a series of feints and screening forces, drawing the defenders out of position and slowly wearing them down. Forced to comply with Bryan's static defense stratagem, there was little General Adam Steiner could do preserve his troops. [66] Many of the 'Mechs in Bryan's forces, such as the Lyran Salamander, were ill suited to the hilly terrain of the Loveless Foothills. [67] On 15 August as the battle raged, the understrength Third Alliance Guards was under heavy assault from two Falcon Clusters. When General Steiner attempted to reinforce their position, Bryan demanded he pull back and order the Third to do the same. Steiner protested that the Third could not possibly conduct a fighting withdrawal under those conditions, then shut off his communications channel to Bryan when she attempted to protest further.[68]

By the 16 August, it was clear that the Jade Falcons had no interest in directly assaulting Bryan's bunker compound. When Marthe Pryde's troops encountered vibramines or automated defenses, they simply turned their attentions to the Lyran defenders outside the fortress. Despite her misgivings and disagreements with Steiner, she was eventually forced to release her remaining 'Mech forces to his command. Even now, Bryan expressed disbelief that the Falcons were not directly attacking the bunker. With the Falcons pushing the Lyran ground forces on nearly all sides, Marthe Pryde conducted her masterstroke, sending a Broadsword-class DropShip to drop two clusters of Elementals directly on top of the command center itself, where the Rock's artillery and other defenses were unable to repel them. Within moments, Bryan and her headquarters staff were killed by the attacking Elementals, in a Head Hunting attack, rendering her entire strategy useless. [64][69][70]

General Steiner took command of the forces on Melissia, and was able to retreat off-world though not without heavy casualties. Eventually, Steiner agreed to an alliance with the allies, resulting in the end of the incursion. [71] Adam cited Sharon Bryan work, using it as argument of the bad leadership of Katherine when he criticized his management of the crisis, retreating Melissia Theather from the war.[72]

Years later, Thomas Hogarth would defend Bryan's strategies on Melissia, insisting her command had been contaminated with "Davion thinking". [73]


The BNC-5S Banshee

Bryan piloted a Banshee of the -5S variation up to her participation in Task Force Serpent, though this 'Mech was destroyed early in the fighting.[74] Later she piloted a Lyran Zeus her technicians had salvaged.[37] Bryan did not bother to use a 'Mech during the failed defense of Melissia, instead directing the battle from her command center.

Personality and Traits[edit]

She's letting her ego get the best of her. She always does.
  — Victor Steiner-Davion, commenting on Bryan's Melissia strategy[54]

Bryan was primarily characterized by her fanatical devotion to the Lyran state and the arrogance at which she dealt with those who questioned her plans or, in her mind, obstructed her goals or the goals of House Steiner.[38][75] She herself considered herself a true Steiner loyalist, to a point exceeding her oath to the Star League as part of Task Force Serpent.[37] She demonstrated paranoia under the command of both Morgan Hasek-Davion and later Ariana Winston, under the pretense that the Lyran Alliance, or Bryan's troops or Bryan herself were getting the short end of the stick.[24][29] Bryan found those under her command who did not share her views annoying at best, as was the case with Colonel Rice on Huntress,[38] and later Adam Steiner on Melissia.[55] Many found her highly arrogant, [55] and she had a history of dismissing contingency planning, as she refused to accept that any plan she set out might fail.[59][76] On Melissia, she expressed disbelief that her plan wasn't working right up until her death.[69] She was also particularly distrustful of mercenaries,[11] with the exception of those with a lengthy history of service and devotion to House Steiner.[57] She even distrusted Colonel Blucher for having brought his forces to Melissia without the orders of his superiors and also because has been defeated by "Davion loyalists". That Archon Katherine and Nondi Steiner repeatedly chose her as a "specialist" in strategic matters concerning the Clans despite the fact she had no experience against them at the time said more about her personal devotion to the Archon than it did about her military ability.[15] Some months after her death, Adam Steiner later condemned Bryan's leadership, using it in part to justify declaring the Melissia Theater neutral space from Archon Katherine.[77]



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