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System Information
X:Y Coordinates63.639 : -207.462[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]



Planetary History[edit]

Sharpe was a part of the St. Ives Commonality of the Capellan Confederation and is located near Vestallas and Gei-Fu. Sharpe vanished from maps during the 3rd Succession War.[9][10] At this time it was renamed Obeedah in an effort to hide Sharpe's existence and location. As one of the five Hidden Worlds it was used by the Word of Blake during the Jihad as a base from which to launch strikes against both the Capellan March and Sian. The planet also has some manufacturing capacity with many Blakist Combat Vehicles using parts seemingly from the Hidden world, parts having one of two serial numbers, OB1 or OB3, with testing indicating the parts vary only slightly but seem to originate from separate plants or facilities in that system. Jarvis Bolarugu would claim that while Obeedah had shipyards, they were "nothing fancy", but that the system had a formidable defense in the form of a very large space station, a component of Space Defense System style defensive system.[16]

Unlike Jardine or Mayadi, Obeedah would prove to be elusive to locate, in part due to the wildly changing borders of the Capellan Confederation since the collapse of the Star League, making it hard to know if it was even within the borders of the post-Jihad Confederation. Obeedah's supposedly large population, reportedly with a standard of living rivaling the Star League era, indicates that rather than a marginal world lost during the First Succession War that the future Obeedah was either the victim of a false cataclysm or a small disaster blown out of proportion by ComStar.[16]

Unlike Taussen, the Capellan Confederation would expend considerable effort to locate it after the Jihad, albeit to capture Obeedah for its manufacturing and shipyard facilities, including providing significant grants to secure Interstellar Expeditions teams to do so. While suffering a number of false leads and dead ends, by 3095 IE and the Confederation assumed Obeedah would be located within the next decade or so, more a matter of when than if.[16]

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  • On 29 November 2013, in a BattleTech forum post, Herbert A. Beas II revealed The Five as Odessa (Ruins of Gabriel), Herakleion (Jardine), Sharpe (Obeedah), Versailles (Taussen), and Tangerz (Mayadi). However, he also pointed out his role as BattleTech Line Developer was no longer effective, and that this therefore was not an official (canonical) ruling or verdict; new leadership might change the list in future published material.

Real Name vs. Shown Name
Ruins of Gabriel is Odessa (LC)
Jardine is Heraklion (FWL)
Obeedah is Sharpe (CC)
Taussen is Versailles (FS)
Mayadi is Tangerz (DC)

By 3100, Jardine, Gabriel, and Mayadi were found (and all destroyed: Jardine by traps volcano, Gabriel was shattered completely, and Mayadai had poisoned itself at least a century prior). The others were never found.


- Herb

  — Herbert A Beas II, BattleTech Developer, 29 Nov 2013

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 72 systems (70 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Vestallas 8.0 Gei-Fu 10.3 Brighton 17.0 Overton 17.4
Rhodos 17.6 Milos 18.8 Relevow 20.3 Aer 21.6
Bhykov 21.8 New Crete 24.8 Kittery 24.8 Aldertaine 25.1
Taga 25.3 Scituate 27.3 Harloc 27.6 Denbar 28.3
Lamu 29.1 No Return 31.0 Randar 31.7 Capricorn 31.9
Ovan 33.2 Geifer 33.6 New Sagan 33.9 Nashuar 34.4
Glasgow 36.1 Gurnet 38.1 Hustaing 39.1 Minnacora 39.3
Ilmar 39.8 Hexare 41.5 Spica 41.8 Indicass 42.5
Cordiagr 42.6 New Westin 42.9 Armaxa 42.9 St. Loris 43.4
Capella 43.6 Necromo 43.6 Kohlman 44.0 Alto 44.9
Sarmaxa 45.3 Ares 46.1 St. Ives 46.5 Imalda 47.0
Weekapaug 47.7 Decus 48.1 Harbin 48.7 Bogerth 49.2
Truth 50.3 Preston 50.9 Lhasa 51.0 Staffin 51.4
Purvo 51.5 Laong 53.2 Sarna 53.3 Dowles 53.4
Ambergrist 53.9 Zindao 54.0 Bora 55.6 Kaifeng 55.8
Mumbai 56.5 Ziliang 56.9 Chitwan 56.9 Monhegan 57.4
Uravan 57.7 Florarda 58.7 Bandora 58.8 Mentasta 58.8
Tantara 59.0 Quemoy 59.2 Tsingtao 60.1 Kurragin 60.4


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