Sheila Brady

Sheila Brady
Character Profile
Died 19 March 3075
Affiliation Marian Hegemony
Profession Vehicle Radio Operator

Sheila Brady was a member of the Marian Hegemony Armed Forces, until her death in 3075.


On 17 March 3075, Sheila was part of Centurion Lucian Bohan's century sent to aid the defenders of a Blantleff-based research facility attacked by Cabot Dayne's Circinus Federation-affiliated mercenaries.[1] On orders from Legatus Ramirez, the century pursued the mercenary battle armor squad's Harasser,[2] only to be caught in the chaos of the mercenaries' confrontation with their surprise Word of Blake employer.[3] In the crossfire, her tank under attack, Sheila was shot and killed by a Blakist.[4]


Sheila was the radio operator for a Scorpion tank.[1]


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