Shin Yodama

Shin Yodama
Shin Yodama
Died22 January 3073[1]
AffiliationDraconis Combine

Shin Yodama was born on Marfik and was an officer in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.


Early Life[edit]

Orphaned during the Lyran Commonwealth invasion of Marfik during the Fourth Succession War, Yodama was adopted by Kuritan guerrillas, and, after taking part in several operations, was later recruited into the Kuroi Kiri yakuza family.[citation needed]

Ronin War/War of 3039[edit]

At age 18, Yodama joined the DCMS in service to House Kurita. He distinguished himself in the Ronin War, destroying several rebel 'Mechs on Najha. He later served in the War of 3039.[citation needed]

Early Clan Invasion[edit]

Yodama truly distinguished himself on Turtle Bay with the Fourteenth Legion of Vega. When Clan Smoke Jaguar invaded the planet, they easily dispatched the defenders. Yodama's 'Mech was destroyed by Elementals, though he managed to kill one of them, a warrior named Sachi, and reconnect with the local yakuza resistance.[2] Upon learning that the Jaguars were holding Hohiro Kurita prisoner, Yodama and his confederates organized an escape and managed to get off-planet, returning the heir of the Dragon to his father, Theodore Kurita. Yodama was promoted and honored by Theodore, and along with Hohiro he successfully planned and executed the battle of Wolcott, where the Jaguars tasted defeat for the first time.[citation needed]

Battle of Luthien[edit]

Yodama later served at the Battle of Luthien as Theodore's liaison officer to Coordinator Takashi Kurita himself. Despite the Coordinator's curses and demands, Yodama was successful in keeping the Dragon's Claws units reeled in until the time came to strike at the Nova Cat lines.[citation needed]

Dragon's Claws[edit]

Yodama was appointed commander of the Izanagi Warriors, the Coordinator's bodyguard unit, in May 3052 as a reward for his service to the Combine.[3]

In 3054, separate assassination attempts were made against Takashi at the same time by Michi Noketsuna and Ninyu Kerai-Indrahar. Though not explicitly stated, it is suggested that Yodama was kept busy while this was going on by some distraction arranged by the ISF. There is no indication Yodama was actually punished for these events.[4]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

During Operation BULLDOG in 3058, Yodama was still commander of the Izanagi Warriors, and headed a task force that included the Eighth Sword of Light and the Com Guard Sixty-sixth Division and struck at the worlds of Teniente, Juazeiro and Outer Volta. At the battle of Outer Volta, their opponents were the remnants of the Smoke Jaguars Beta Galaxy Command Trinary and First Jaguar Guards. Honoring his opponents by using Clan single-combat rules, Yodama's Izanagi routed their Clan opponents.[5][6]

Jihad and Death[edit]

Yodama was among the high-ranking dignitaries killed by the Donner Bombing on Arc-Royal in early 3073.[1]


Shin's death only hardened his friend Hohiro's determination to support Stone's Coalition and purge the Blakist stain from the Inner Sphere. In his honor, Yodama Gardens were created on Luthien. He must have had children, because in the ilClan Era the gardens were maintained by Shin's granddaughter. There they welcomed war-weary soldiers and artists alike.[7]


During the Ronin War, Yodama piloted a Panther. He spent most of his career using a Phoenix Hawk, though he seems to have switched to a Griffin by 3055.[citation needed] However, the Hawk, which he named Kuroi Kiri – Black Fog in Japanese – remained his workhorse. Takahashi insisted he upgrade Kuroi Kiri with the latest technology available. For political or other reasons, during Operation BULLDOG Yodama switched to a Dragon Fire.[6] Kuroi Kiri remained in service even during the ilClan Era. In honor of Yodama, piloting his 'Mech was a rotating honor given only to the Izanagi Warriors who shows the greatest dedication to the Dragon.[8]



Davion was a genius. He accomplished things no other leader in the Successor States had done – and it wasn't all due to his legendary luck.
  — Sho-sa Shin Yodama, Port Moseby, 21 Mar 3052

[citation needed]


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