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Shining Claw (Individual Congress-class WarShip)

Shining Claw
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress


As at December 3059 the Congress-class frigate Shining Claw was serving as the CGB Shining Claw within the Clan Ghost Bear touman and was part of a naval convoy moving through the Deep Periphery when it encountered Task Force SERPENT.[1]

The Shining Claw was transporting two Union-C-class DropShips at the time - the CGB Ice Storm and CGB Sanguine Rime - and was accompanied by a pair of Whirlwind-class destroyers, the CGB Fire Fang and CGB Ursus.[1] The Shining Claw, Fire Fang and Ursus moved to engage Task Force SERPENT while attempting to buy time for the Invader-class JumpShip CGB Winter Wind to quick-charge and jump out of the system to warn the Clans of the presence of an Inner Sphere WarShip flotilla moving through the Deep Periphery.[2]

The Inner Sphere forces, led by the Com Guard Cameron-class battlecruiser ISS Invisible Truth, were the victors in the engagement, subsequently dubbed Trafalgar, and the Shining Claw was destroyed; the Ursus was also lost, and the Task Force claimed the intact Fire Fang as isorla, along with some three hundred warriors and more than a thousand civilian caste members. The Winter Wind was unable to jump out before being boarded and captured, leaving the Clans unaware of the existence of Task Force SERPENT.[3]


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