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The Shipil Company of Skye is a Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance based aerospace manufacturer.


Its roots predating the formation of the original Star League like many manufacturers, Shipil suffered heavy losses during the unceasing Succession Wars, but the vital nature of the company's DropShips and aerospace fighters ensured that both Skye and Tharkad supported it economically and militarily to ensure its survival, even with production of the Overlord reduced to a trickle of three per year.[1] Finally able to look to the future after the Fourth Succession War and formation of the Federated Commonwealth, Shipil was able to fully repair its production lines and in the wake of the Clan Invasion and FedCom Civil War develop the brand new Claymore as well as new variations of the Overlord and Union. [2] The FedCom Civil War did severely disrupt development of a new DropShip, the predecessor design to the later Aurora; intended to be a cheap civilian transport and developed in partnership with Dynamico Limited, based out of Delavan, the prototype design was reworked as a military carrier in the wake of Operation Bulldog until the FedCom Civil War brought collaboration between the two companies to a halt.[3]

As with any Skye based manufacturer however, with the increasing prominence of the Free Skye movement many questioned if Shipil's loyalties were to Skye or Tharkad, with much production being routed to Skye loyalists first and the LAAF as a whole second and many suspecting the company of being under extensive LIC surveillance. [2]

One of the few Lyran Alliance based aerospace manufacturers to avoid significant damage during the Word of Blake Jihad, with its employees putting in heavy overtime Shipil increased production as well as introducing the Aurora - although the prototypes weren't finished until 3067, several years after those produced by Dynamico, Ltd.[3] - and a new version of the Claymore to pick-up shortfalls elsewhere. This renewed bout of Lyran nationalism however strained relations with Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner and the company, as Shipil had to cut shipments to the Skye Rangers to enable it to meet the increasing orders from the LAAF.[4]

The Shipil facilities on Skye survived the Jihad with only relatively minor damage, becoming a major producer for the Republic Armed Forces. As a part of the conditions agreed for the transfer of the various Skye worlds to the Republic of the Sphere the Lyran Alliance continued to receive a percentage of the output from the Cyclops factories.[5]


The companies CEO in 3025 is Duke Simon DeGrange.[1]

In 3067, the companies CEO is Duke Ryan DeGrange.[2]


Shipil Company has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Skye:[6][7][8]
Component Type
Conventional Fighter
Owl[2] Conventional Fighter
AeroSpace Fighter
SYD-21 Seydlitz[1][6] light aerospace fighter
SYD-Z2 Seydlitz[6][7] light aerospace fighter
SYD-Z3 Seydlitz[6][7] light aerospace fighter
SYD-Z4 Seydlitz[7] light aerospace fighter
LCR-3 Lucifer III[8] medium light aerospace fighter
Small Craft
K-1 DropShuttle[citation needed] small craft
Mark VII Landing Craft[citation needed] small craft
S-7A Bus[citation needed] small craft
Overlord-A3 [2] DropShip
Union-X[2][9] DropShip
Aurora (from 3069)[3] DropShip
Claymore[10] DropShip
Claymore Interceptor[11] DropShip
Overlord[1][7][12] DropShip
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Burster M-100 [citation needed]
Faxxen-70A [citation needed]
Pratt & Whitney 400 [citation needed]
Interplanetary Drive - DropShip
Star League V450 Overlord[7]
? (for Claymore) [citation needed]
Shipil 300 Lucifer III[8]
Shipil 15 Seydlitz[6][7]
Fusion Engine
Shipil 180 Seydlitz[6]
Shipil 205 Glaive[13]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Edasich Motors 195 XL Lucifer III[8]
Shipil 220 XL Seydlitz[7]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Shipil Super Ferro-Aluminum Lucifer III[8]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Shipil Standard Seydlitz[6]
Communications System
O/P AIR 500 Seydlitz[6]
O/P AIR 900 Lucifer III[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
O/P 3000 Lucifer III[8] & Seydlitz[6]
Large Laser
RamTech 1200 Seydlitz[6]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Defiance X5M Lucifer III[8]


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