Shoot and Sit Pod


A specialist ammunition type for the Narc Missile Beacon, the Shoot and Sit Pod strikes a targeted 'Mech like a normal Narc pod, but doesn't explode immediately. It would sit and wait for the order to explode, which is transmitted from the firing unit. The weapon engineers intended for a MechWarrior to shoot several of these pods onto the target in successive waves, then detonate them all simultaneously. Theoretically, this damage would be enough to knock down the targeted BattleMech.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

Each Shoot and Sit Pod would inflict 50% more damage than a standard SRM round,[2] but their unique method of employment, a higher than average failure rate,[3] and the fact that most 'Mechs only mounted a single Narc Beacon launcher led to production being reduced. The introduction of the Explosive Pod by the DCMS, which inflicted twice the damage of the standard SRM round and fit into the MechWarrior's combat style, was the final nail in the coffin for the SS Pod.


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