Production information
Manufacturer Eagle Craft Group
Production Year 3113[1]
Model Standard
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 95 tons
Chassis DSAM Endo 4
Armor Forging ZM15 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Olivetti 380 XL
Communications System Raptor X-T Type iii
Targeting Tracking System Goshawk E-Series
Heat Sinks 12 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 65 km/h
Jump Jets Grandthrust Mk5 w/ Partial Wing
BV (2.0) 2,969[1][2]


The Shrike BattleMech, popular with commanders for its heavy and accurate weapons, is the Jade Falcon answer to Clan Wolf's heavy Tundra Wolf. Its distinctive wings, common among later Jade Falcon designs during the revitalization of the 3110s, allow the Shrike to dissipate heat almost as fast as it gains it. Nonetheless, this 'Mech, like the Gyrfalcon, quickly rises in temperature and needs to be piloted with careful attention to heat management, despite the dissipation capabilities of the wings.

The 'Mech's origins can be traced to the Onager. The Eagle Craft Group of Erewhon took the older design and styled it similarly to the earlier Eyrie and Gyrfalcon. Admired for its capacities, the Shrike became a highly sought-out design for Jade Falcon commanders after its performance during a raid on La Grave against Clan Wolf in 3115.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Shrike is outfitted with a powerful Targeting Computer that allows it to bring accurate firepower to bear on the battlefield. It has a hard-hitting armament that gives the 'Mech a powerful sting in combat at most ranges. A "Long Bow" LRM-10-rack allows pilots to engage enemies at long range, and two Type 9 Ultra Autocannon/5s are effective against even other assault-class 'Mechs. Lastly, two Series 2b ER Large Lasers provide a fairly powerful punch should the other weapon systems deplete their ammunition.

The design owes its large weapon capacity to its Endo Steel construction and its large 380-rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine. Engineers enhanced the design by adding a Partial Wing, giving the Shrike extra jump capacity as well as additional cooling abilities under normal atmospheric conditions.[4]


Notable Pilots[edit]

  • Malvina Hazen - Jade Falcon Star Colonel and later Khan was a legendary Shrike MechWarrior. She named her BattleMech the Black Rose. The Black Rose was the first appearance of the Shrike in a novel.[11] The Black Rose itself was created as a unique figure for the MWDA Collectable Miniature Game, with Malvina Hazen pilot information on a separate data card.[12][13]


  • Originally, the Shrike 3 was an unofficial variant which allegedly was fielded by Malvina Hazen and Jennifer Braille, (a Solaris VII MechWarrior). The first appearance was said to be the result of a combat against a Hatchetman.

Design Quirks[edit]

The Shrike has the following Design Quirks:

BattleMech Gallery[edit]


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