Shroud Keshik (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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The Shroud Keshik
Disbanded 3060 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Clan Smoke Jaguar touman

The Shroud Keshik is the secondary command Keshik of Clan Smoke Jaguar. It is the personal unit of the saKhan.


Operation REVIVAL[edit]

SaKhan Sarah Weaver along with the Shroud Keshik took command of Beta Galaxy as the Vanguard of the Jaguar Invasion forces of Operation REVIVAL, leaving for the Inner Sphere four months ahead of the main body of Clan troops. They secured the route of the invasion and cleared the way for the bulk of the Jaguar forces to move along the Exodus Road.[1]

The Keshik was bid to participate in fighting on the following worlds during the invasion:


Santander's World
Sarah Weaver won the bidding against Star Colonel Kellin MacKenzie of Clan Ghost Bear for the right to attack Santander's World with nine 'Mechs and a Star of Elementals in August 3049. She made her batchall and was surprised to receive a reply from Helmar Valasek stating that a Battalion of Santander's Killers would meet her on the Gillard Plains, 10 km from their base. When they landed the warriors found only three DropShips and no signs of the Killers. The Elementals approached the DropShips without incident, but as the Keshik formed up to march past the vessels towards the Killers' base, the concealed explosives within the DropShips was detonated destroying more than half the Keshik's 'Mechs. Helmar Valasek then led a Company of the Killers in an assault that finished off the crippled Keshik, apologizing for being late as he was eating dinner. Weaver was incensed and led the 362nd Assault Cluster to crush the Killers in brutal fighting that lasted a week.[2]

Wave Three[edit]

The Keshik won the bid to face the Rolling Thunder mercenary unit on Savinsville in July 3050, however it was not the famed mercenary force that Sarah Weaver was expecting, but a smaller unit using the same name. The single Lance and two infantry companies broke within minutes of the Keshik landing and were quickly defeated.[3]

Wave Five[edit]

Outer Volta
The Planetary Council of Outer Volta surrendered before Alpha Star had landed even landed in November 3051.[4]

Port Arthur
SaKhan Sarah Weaver and the Shroud Keshik accompanied the Seventh Dragoons as they dropped on to Port Arthur landing in the Zuave Vale in March 3052. The Smoke Jaguars immediately attacked the First Proserpina Hussars, forcing them to fall back to defensive positions at Disher. Here, the Jaguar attack stalled and Sarah Weaver ordered a headhunter attack the wiped out half the Hussars command units, but failed to eliminate their commanding officer Tai-sa Jong Moon Lee. It did however force a second retreat to Point aux Trembles; an area with automated turrets in hardened bunkers which stalled the Dragoons for over a week before they pushed the defenders off planet.[5]


It is unclear if Sarah Weaver led the Shroud Keshik on to Tukayyid or opted to lead the Swath Keshik instead.



The Keshik arrived after Task Force Serpent had landed and taken control of large portions of the planet. They performed a combat drop into the Dhuan Mountains on 26 March 3060 with The Jaguar's Heart. Here, they engaged the Kathil Uhlans.[6] The Uhlans were reinforced by elements of the MacLeod's Regiment and Knights of the Inner Sphere. The Keshik themselves were to reinforce the surviving warriors under Galaxy Commander Russou Howell that had already conducted three assaults against the Inner Sphere lines.[7] Brandon Howell moved his combined force against the flank of Southern Army of Task Force Serpent. This fourth assault pushed through a minefield before slamming into the Inner Sphere forces in a ferocious melee,[8] before finally pushing them into the Dhuan Swamp. Here the Keshik began the task of hunting them down.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Shroud Keshik
saKhan Sarah Weaver 3046 - 3050[10]
saKhan Kincaid Furey 3050 - 3051[10]
saKhan Sarah Weaver 3051 - 3052[10]
saKhan Brandon Howell 3052 - 3060

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]







The Shroud Keshik is erroneously assigned to Alpha Galaxy on page 63 of Invading Clans for the assault on Santander's World.


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