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Sian University
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Founding Year Succession War era
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Founded in 2888, Sian University is the premier center of education within the Capellan Confederation. Located on Sian, the primary campus is just outside the Forbidden City and has satellite campuses across the planet's surface.[1] Decreed by Chancellor Tormax Liao to "bring a new age of enlightenment and stability to the Capellan people," Sian University is the only center of higher learning dedicated to the entire Confederation rather than an individual commonality or warren. Sian University also works closely with the Capellan Science Foundation on a number of projects.[2][3]

While Sian University adheres to the standards and philosophical mandates of the Ministry of Social Education, it offers courses on almost any subject, with its philosophy, political science, economic and interstellar relations programs among the most respected. Enrollment is open to all Capellan citizens and no worthy applicant may be turned away for lack of facilities; the university also actively seeks out students and academics from across the Inner Sphere, if only to showcase the success of the Capellan social system. In the decades since its founding though, Sian University has become overshadowed by its rival in the Federated Suns, the New Avalon Institute of Science. Maximilian Liao in particular made lavish donations to the university in response to this nascent newcomer, and Sun-Tzu Liao made the university the center of his Xin Sheng movement, opening a new hall dedicated to the new social program.[1][3]

Officer Training Program[edit]

Sian University is also one of the foremost military training facilities in the Capellan Confederation.[4] The Officer Candidate Program (known as Hen gao Xiao-lu, or the High Path) produces some of the finest officers in the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces. Every year most candidates come from the Sian Center for Martial Disciplines, with another several hundred being transfer students from other academies or active-duty personnel selected for command training. Every candidate (barring those from the SCMD) must pass stringent background checks performed by the Maskirovka.[1][5]

Once accepted, all candidates temporarily lose any previous rank they had attained, wear basic uniforms and are addressed as "cadet" by their instructors as a way of fostering equality amongst them and subordination to their instructors. Military discipline is less stringent, both due to the civilian surroundings and the cadet's previous experience, and military drills are only enforced to maintain physical fitness and test classroom instructions on the battlefield. Most important of all is academic excellence: regardless of a cadet's past achievements, prior to graduation they will be subject to a series of pass/fail examinations, and failure in just one is enough to cost a cadet their commission.[1][5]


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