Sigur Fonn

Sigur Fonn
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Rank Admiral
Title(s) Regent of the Taurian Concordat

Sigur Fonn was an Admiral in the Taurian Concordat Navy at the beginning of the Age of War.[1]


He was appointed to become the first Regent ever for that nation when Daniel Calderon died of a brain tumor in 2390 leaving only his 3 year old daughter Amanda Calderon as heir-apparent. Among his most notable acts was the extension of fortified early-warning outposts around the frontiers of the Concordat to prevent further Davion raids. [2] But these defensive measures ran afoul of the newly born Capellan Confederation which was expanding in seach of new resource worlds. Eventually Chancellor Kurnath Liao opted to 'push' the Taurians out of 'his' worlds with heavy Naval raids spanning almost two decades (2397-2417) Kurnerth was eventually replaced with Arden Baxter as Chancellor. Using as excuse that in 2412, Sigur did not sign the Ares Conventions[1], Arden Baxter decided to formally declare a war, the Rim War (2418-2422). [3] It was Sigur who advised and mediated for Protector Amanda Calderon to a truce in 2422. Upon his advice Amanda chose the path of neutrality rather than join Baxter's blantantly anti-Marik 'Thousand-World Coalition'. [4]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Daniel Calderon
2390 - ****

Succeeded by
Amanda Calderon


There is no specific year listed when Amanda was officially proclaimed Protector but it would have most likely been on or shortly after her majority of 18 years old (2415).


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