Sigurd Guards

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Sigurd Guards
Disbanded 3064 (destroyed)
3049 (destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Oberon Confederation (previous)
Parent Command Clan Wolf Touman

The Sigurd Guards were militia forces defending the world Sigurd of the Oberon Confederation as of 3049.[1] They had previously been named the Sigurd Defense Forces.[2]

One notable sub-unit was the Sigurd Independent Light Assault Group (which Lori Kalmar came to join as a MechWarrior). As of (or just prior to) 3024 this unit was under the direct command of warleader and Vice Regent Alisaden, who was also Sigurd's Defense Minister.


In ca. 3017,[3] Sigurd was "forcibly convinced" to join the Oberon Confederation. A year later Lori Kalmar, then a 13-year old orphan from the conflict and a state ward, applied to the Sigurd Defense Forces. It was noted that the Oberon Confederation at the time did not have a centralized military; individual worlds reserved local militia units for themselves to create a feeling of greater sovereignty.[2]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In September 3049 Clan Wolf invaded Sigurd. Most of the Sigurd Guards—at the time, two 'Mech companies and a regiment of mechanized infantry—surrendered without even a shot being fired.[1]

No local defense forces or militia were reported on Sigurd as of ca. 3054 (in fact the entire world is not listed in the force listings in Objective Raids although it does appear on the maps, suggesting it was considered undefended at the time), but this does not technically rule out the presence of defending forces.

As of January 3064 the Sigurd Independent Light Assault Group still existed (or had been reinstated) as a local militia unit loyal to Clan Wolf, although it is implied that they were a conventional unit by this time, without 'Mechs. During a pirate hunting mission Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker of Omega Galaxy confronted them at their HQ on 22 January about rogue forces operating against Clan Wolf, and their reaction convinced Hawker that they withheld information or possibly were in league with the pirates. Consequently, Hawker ordered Elementals to storm the HQ, implicitly with orders to summarily execute the unit's personnel.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Sigurd Defense Forces
Warleader Alisaden/Alisadren[5] 3024
Warleader Bladric 3064[4]



Composition History[edit]


Sigurd Defense Forces[2]

  • Sigurd Independent Light Assault Group


Sigurd Guards (combined-arms regiment)[1]

  • BattleMech company
  • BattleMech company
  • Mechanized infantry regiment


  • Sigurd Independent Light Assault Group (implicitly summarily executed on 22 January 3064)[4]


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