Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle

SB Gauss.jpg
Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle
Production information
Type Ballistic (Direct Fire)
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Year Availability 3051 (FC)[2]
Advanced Technology Year 3080[3]
Technical specifications
Heat 1[4]
Damage 1/slug[4]
Minimum Range 2[4]
Short Range 1-7[4]
Medium Range 8-15[4]
Long Range 16-22[4]
Extreme Range --
Tons 15[1]
Critical Slots 7[1]
Space Slots 1[1]
Ammo Per Ton 8[4]
Cost (unloaded) 350,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 25,000[1]
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 198 (rifle)[5]
25 (ammo)[5]


The NAIS developed the Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle (or SB Gauss) in an attempt to bring the functionality of an LB-X Autocannon to the Gauss rifle. Though the cluster-like ammunition made it easier to hit a target[4] and was particularly effective in the anti-aircraft role, unlike the LB-X family, the Silver Bullet couldn't fire standard Gauss Rifle ammunition. The Silver Bullet also couldn't benefit from a Targeting Computer. These drawbacks, coupled with the weapon's high cost and relative fragility of the ammunition feeds, made the weapon very unpopular with MechWarriors. The Federated Commonwealth canceled the project in 3051.[2]

Somehow the Free Worlds League received information about the Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle, as it appeared on the Emperor "Mercury Elite" used by Lieutenant Colonel Anne-Marie McKormack as she led the Dark Shadows battalion against the Word of Blake on Atreus.[6] By 3078, the weapon was being manufactured in the Draconis Combine, and was mounted on their experimental Wolf Trap.[7]

By 3080 limited mass production of the weapon had started.[3]

Like the standard Gauss Rifle, if the Silver Bullet is damaged it will explode and inflict damage to the carrying unit.[2] If the Silver Bullet ammunition is hit by weapons fire it doesn't explode, but is rendered useless.


The Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle is manufactured on the following planets:

Oriente MagCoil Model K[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Emris IV StarCorps Industries Carronade [8]

Poland Main Model X[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Kathil General Motors Marauder [9]

Related Weapons[edit]

  • LB-X Autocannon: A cluster-fire autocannon, which the Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle was inspired by in terms of function and rules.
  • Gauss Rifles are the fundamental technology upon which the Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle was built. They also come in Light, Heavy, Anti-infantry and even Naval versions.


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