Silver Dragons Stables

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Silver Dragons
Colors/Badge silver and green; rampant silver dragon against a green field
Stable Profile
Experience Elite (3067)
Rating AA (3054)
A (3067)
Faction Affiliation Draconis Combine
Units Used
BattleMechs 31 (3051 and 3054)
29 (3067)


Since their formation the Silver Dragons ranked amongst the top Kuritan stables.[1] The Stable is based in Kobe.[2]


The Stable was formed in 3024.[2]

By far the most well known and respected pro-Kurita Stable on Solaris (even more than DeLon Stables which got the Coordinator's favor in times of Theodore Gross, the stable was founded by Anna Nevil. The stable, led by his nephew in 3067 is known for his ironclad contracts, complete loyalty to House Kurita and scrupulous fair treatment of the Stables MechWarrior.[3]

During the Jihad several Silver Dragon MechWarriors joined the Solaris Home Defense League.[4]

In the aftermath of the failed Clan Nova Cat rebellion, the Silver Dragon Stables vowed to eradicate any gladiators using Nova Cat equipment. Beginning with Avanishi Khalsa and her Cave Lion, they systematically worked their way through the games with deadly determination. Four more MechWarriors fell to the Dragons' vendetta until only Burkhard Schlömer remained. Bribery of the gaming commissioners resulted in Schlömer facing four Silver Dragon 'Mechs in the tunnels of Ishiyama. Schlömer won the match after a full day of fighting, but his 'Mech was ruined. The Silver Dragon's had done it, though maybe not one hundred percent as they would have liked.[5]


The MechWarriors have great loyalty to the stable's ownership because of its fair treatment and good payment.[6]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Anna Nevil was the Stablemaster and owner as of 3051.[6] She appeared in 3030 and bought her state from a bankrupt nobleman. In 3051 she rarely ventured outside her mansion.[7] Her past is a mystery and she was able to hide her background for three decades.[3]
  • Marcus Nevil led the stable after his aunt Anna Nevil retired. He was still the StableMaster in 3067. Though more visible than his aunt, he was still a very private man. He kept the same style his aunt used to run the Stable.[3]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Philipe Anders is a former DCMS Major MechWarrior from the elite Seventh Sword of Light that has served the Stables as instructor since the times of Anna Nevil. He is harsh but fair in the treatment to his trainees.[6] He is known to socialize after hours with his men.[3]



In 3051 35 MechWarriors were fighting for Silver Dragons Stables.[9]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Kathleen Eckert Clan Invasion [10]
Brendon Frazer Clan Invasion [11]
Erik Gray Civil War
Founder of the SHDL [12]
Gavin "Hacker" Hastings Civil War
Walid Jojou Clan Invasion [10]
Raul Kalso Dark Age [14]
The Kino brothers [15]
Roman Kota Civil War [16]
David Sanada Clan Invasion
Dark Age
Hohiro Sumasin Clan Invasion
Civil War
Ranked 13th in the Top 20 Unlimited Class List [18]
Sharon Wu Civil War [19]



  • Philipe Anders also doubles as Spokesman of the Stables during Anna's leadership of the Stables.[3]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Stable MechWarriors are known for being cautious. They are known for trying to close with their enemies and hold fire until last minute.[3]


The Silver Dragon Hill is the training ground of the Stables which contains advanced simulators and it is located near Xolara. Live-fire exercises are rare as the Stable values its equipment.[20] Inside Xolara itself the Silver Dragons have a 'Mech bay for repairs and modifications. Both bases are heavily secured.[6]


As per 3051, the standard contract is for 750 C-Bills and a 15% of the earnings.[9]

Game Notes[edit]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to A Rated Equipment.

Silver Dragons MechWarriors are adept at using coverage. This ability adds a +1 to-hit penalty for any attack against a Silver Dragons MechWarrior in partial cover, woods or smoke hexes.

The Silver Dragons receive a -1 to-hit bonus for all weapon attack made at short range.[21]


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