Silver Keshik (Clan Wolf)

Silver Keshik
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Beta Galaxy

The Silver Keshik is the command unit of Clan Wolf's Beta Galaxy.


Operation REVIVAL[edit]

The Silver Keshik began the invasion of the Inner Sphere on the planet of Blackstone in the Periphery, where they quickly defeated the Blackstone Guards, a BattleMech Company.

After that action, the Silver Keshik remained out of action throughout the First and Second Waves.

During the Third Wave, the Silver Keshik invaded Planting alongside elements of the 341st Assault Cluster where they faced the Forty-first Avalon Hussars RCT, who used ambushes to stall the Clan offensive. Their effectiveness at this tactic forced Khan Garth Radick to break his bid and call down the Third Battle Cluster in order to complete the conquest of the world.

In the Fourth Wave, the Silver Keshik assaulted Kandis in conjunction with components of the 352nd Assault Cluster. Once again, they faced defenders who refused a stand-up fight, including the Third Freemen. Khan Radick countered by going after the defenders' command and control structures.

In the Fifth Wave, all of Beta Galaxy landed on Kobe, where they faced the regrouped Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards RCT who had defended against Alpha Galaxy at Tamar. Beta used a headhunter attack to kill the Twenty-sixth's Commander, Hauptmann General Joy Corelli in the first battle, and although the Lyran unit rallied, it had been too badly damaged to hold the world. Recognizing this fact, the Twenty-sixth retreated to Thun.

Beta Galaxy followed the Twenty-sixth Guards to Thun, however, and eventually pushed them off the planet when Khan Radick dropped with Alpha Command Star into the city of Logan Delta, disrupting the Lyran lines.


Refusal War[edit]

After the Refusal War ended, Beta Galaxy was virtually destroyed, and the Silver Keshik was no exception. By appointing the few survivors from the Eleventh Wolf Guards Cluster and her own unit, Marialle Radick was able to rebuild the Keshik into an elite Trinary.[1]

Dark Age[edit]

The Silver Keshik was rumored to be part of the assault force that landed on Skye on March 2, 3150. These rumors were false; Part of a disinformation campaign to lure Turkina Keshik and the 124th Falcon Striker Cluster out of position.[2]

Later that year the Silver Keshik led the 9th Wolf Guard Striker and 79th Wolf Battle Clusters into combat on Denebola. They were led by Khan Alaric Ward. The Wolves caught the XV Principes Guards unprepared, surrounded the Republic of the Sphere unit, and destroyed it.[3]

Silver Keshik went on to attack Alula Australis on October 19. After issuing a batchall to Colonel Randolph Abasi, and led the Silver Keshik into combat with the XI Principes Guards. Shortly after landing in the Aurora Mines area, the Keshik was bombarded by artillery which opened some sinkholes and inflicted damage to the 'Mechs. For this dishonorable action Alaric Ward killed Colonel Abasi in single combat and the Silver Keshik destroyed the Eleventh's command company.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Silver Keshik
saKhan Garth Radick Prior to the Battle of Tukayyid[5]
saKhan Phelan Ward After the Battle of Tukayyid
saKhan Marialle Radick 3059[1]
Khan Alaric Ward 3150[6]

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]




  • Trinary Galaxy Command - Three Stars of OmniMechs.[1]


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