Silviu Capreanu

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Silviu Capreanu
Character Profile
Born 2194
Died 2297
Affiliation Sarna Supremacy
Position Planetary President


Silviu Capreanu was a third generation colonist from Old Kentucky that took to the political stage and ended the Old Kentucky's governmental dead lock. He would court the planet to join the Sarna Supremacy.[1]

The Sarna Supremacy and the War with Confederation[edit]

Silviu Capreanu would begin the process to convince his world to join the Sarna Supremacy, as he became the designated Ambassador to Sarna. The process of joining the Supremacy soon bore fruit, as Capreanu's efforts would result in revival of Old Kentucky's devastated industries and by 2248 the planet would be an official part of the Supremacy with the election of Capreanu as planetary president. During the development of the planet through its relationship with the Supremacy, it would be home for new colonists and it would culturally change. By the end of the Twenty-Third Century, Old Kentucky would become a loyal supporter to its new interstellar nation state and Silviu Capreanu would be commemorated with a statue to the prosperity he brought to the world after dying in 2297.[1]


He died at the age of 103 years, that is how his Born date has been calculated.[1]


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