Simon Borge-Steiner

Simon Borge-Steiner
AffiliationHouse Borge-Steiner
ParentsEric Steiner (father)[2]
SiblingsTatyana Steiner[2][1]
ChildrenCohran Steiner[1]

Simon Borge-Steiner was the eldest son of Eric Steiner, Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[3]


Although not officially named as heir, as his father's eldest child Simon had grown up expecting to be the next Archon, with the fervent support of his sister Tatyana. Unfortunately Simon was one of the most severe sufferers of Dobrowski Depression-A Syndrome, a genetic predisposition to extreme mental depression that is known to afflict a notable number of members of House Steiner. Though some sufferers were able to manage their moods unaided and others could turn to medication to assist, Simon was among those sufferers severe enough that no such help was possible. [4][5]

While bright and personable in his lucid moments, his sudden and acute mood swings caused grave concerns within the Estates General at the prospect of Simon becoming Archon. The situation was made more tragic in that the Archonship was perhaps the one hope that made Simon's life bearable. Ultimately on June the 6th 2914 after months of delay as the nobility and the Estates General prayed for a miracle ahead of his coronation, at the last moment Simon instead eloquently ceded his right of Archonship to his sister, giving up his dream to preserve the Lyran realm. After personally leading her to the throne and investing her with the Chain of State, Simon left the Throne Room forever.[4][5]


Simon had a son, Cohran Steiner, whose descendants would settle on the world of Somerset during the early years of the Third Succession War. [6] Simon's cadet line would continue to serve the Commonwealth well into the thirty-second century including such notables as Roman Steiner[1] and Adam Steiner, who ultimately became Archon of the then-Lyran Alliance during the Word of Blake Jihad.[7]


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