Simon Cameron

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Simon Cameron
Born 11 May2709
Died 17 February 2751
Affiliation House Cameron
Profession First Lord
Parents Jonathan Cameron (father)
Ludmella Grenson (mother)
Spouse Jessica Drillson
Children Richard Cameron
Elizabeth Cameron
Helena Cameron

Simon Cameron (b. 11 May 2709 - d. 17 February 2751), was the 5th First Lord of the Star League, and the 18th Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.[1]


During the middle of the twenty-eighth century the Star's End system was a mining system contested by the Rim Worlds Republic and the Lyran Commonwealth. Star's End would become famous in 2751, although not for reasons the local population would probably have wanted; First Lord Simon Cameron was touring the various states of the League as a part of a five-year tour when he stopped to visit the Star's End system in February 2751. The First Lord made an unscheduled visit to the New Silesia asteroid, where he socialised with the local miners and toured the facility before asking if he might try piloting one of the large remote-controlled robots used for mining operations.[2]

The result was a tragedy - the robot Cameron attempted to control acted in an unexpected fashion, turning towards the control booth and charging; the robot shattered the booth, resulting in the deaths of the First Lord and nine other people as their bodies were sucked out into the vacuum.[2] The First Lord's death was declared to be an accident and would fuel many conspiracy theories, but internal communications from within the personal archives of Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky released by Laurie Tseng, Loremaster to Clan Ghost Bear in the 3080s, revealed an internal communication confirming that forensic evidence of sabotage had been turned up during the investigation into Cameron's death. The report was limited to the SLIC and HCIB communities and detailed that the command circuits on the mining robot had been tampered with, and that a Trojan routine had been installed; the investigators believed a nation state was involved, but due to the generic nature of the components used and a lack of further evidence it was impossible to confirm the party or parties behind the sabotage.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Jonathan Cameron
Director-General of the Terran Hegemony

Succeeded by
Richard Cameron II
First Lord of the Star League


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