Simon Marsden

Simon Marsden
Born[See Notes]
AffiliationHouse Marsden
Position(s)Leader of the Protectorate of Donegal
ParentsSeth Marsden (father)[1]
SiblingsKevin Marsden[1]
Rebecca Marsden[1]
Timothy Marsden[1]
ChildrenRobert Marsden[1]
Alistair Marsden[1]

Simon Marsden was the second ruler of the Protectorate of Donegal.[1]


Tamar Summit[edit]

During the early twenty-fourth century, a number of nations began to merge to form large and stronger nations. This prompted Marsden's neighboring nations, the Tamar Pact and Federation of Skye, to begin talks with Donegal to merge. Fear of the Draconis Combine prompted Tamar's leader Kevin Tamar to call for official talks to merge in 2339.

Robert traveled to Tamar in 2340, where he met Kevin Tamar and the Federation of Skye's Thomas McQuiston. The leaders could not decide on what kind of government to form initially. Tamar proposed a system of nine Archons who would govern small realms within the proposed nation, not unlike ancient Greek city-state system. Reluctantly Robert, and Thomas agreed to go with this style government due to lack of better ideas. Robert proposed that they adopt a Greek symbol for their nation, the Grecian Lyre, a three-string harp. Thomas agreed, feeling that the lyre would be a fine name for the nation, Lyran.[2]

The initial years were troublesome, Robert and others leaders had difficulties agreeing on how things should be done. It took four years to hash out who should be the nine Archons of the Commonwealth. The leaders of three found nations became Archons, as did their deputies, and they designated others who were elected Archon Treasurer, commander of the Commonwealth's defense force, and secretary of transportation. However, the lead position, Archon Basileus, could not be decided.[3]


  • ^ The foldout family tree included in House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) has Simon's date of birth listed as 2325—this is likely an error as it would mean he was 15 years old at the time of the Tamar Summit.[1]


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