Sirdar Operational Area

History & Description[edit]

The Sirdar Operational Area - also referred to as the Capellan March Edgeward Combat Theater - was a regional command within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. One of the subdivisions of the Capellan March, the Sirdar Operational Area was a completely military administration, with no civilian governing responsibilities, and was traditionally commanded by a Field Marshal. As an Operational Area the Sirdar Operational Area had command authority over a number of smaller regional commands commonly known as Polymorphous Defense Zones or Combat Regions, although during the era of the Federated Commonwealth the PDZs were simply known as Commands.[1][2][3][4]

The Sirdar Operational Area was established in the mid-Thirty-second century as a direct result of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces rampage through the Capellan March, which saw the March capital - New Syrtis - conquered, as well as Taygeta, the administrative center of the Taygeta Operational Area. Sirdar became the administrative capital of the Operational Area, despite the Sirdar PDZ being almost completely encircled by the Capellan Confederation. The disruption caused by the invasion also led to the New Syrtis and Altair PDZs being replaced with the Wenke and Victoria PDZs respectively, although the Victoria PDZ had been reduced to just eight systems and the Wernke PDZ had effectively been bifurcated by the Confederation.[5][6][7][8]

Commanding Officers[edit]

In 3145 the Commanding Officer of the Sirdar Operational Area was Field Marshal Muriel St. Clair with Marshal Raquel Pearson serving as her aide.[6]

Sub Regions[edit]

The following sub-regions have all been a part of the Sirdar OA at some point during their history:

Systems of Note[edit]


Regional Capitols[edit]

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