Sixth of June

Sixth of June
Organization Profile
TypeReligious Organization
Parent OrganizationWord of Blake

A Word of Blake splinter group, calling themselves the Sixth of June, after the date of the former ComStar Primus Myndo Waterly's death, was first just a radical part of the Toyama sect, later absorbing it whole. Founded by the former Precentor Atreus Demona Aziz the group was later taken over by Word of Blake Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais after Aziz was killed by Sun-Tzu Liao in 3058.

The Sixth of June was a terrorist-like cell organization and quickly infiltrated first the Toyama sect - which was fully owned by the Sixth of June shortly before Demona Aziz was killed, the Free Worlds League intelligence agency SAFE, part of the FWL armed forces and even the government - stealing a massive 10% of the whole Free Worlds League GDP to raise a huge hidden army, and later took over the rest of Word of Blake.

It was the organization that introduced the cyborg Manei Domini (the Hands of the Master soldiers), the new Word of Blake 'Mech models and by extension conducted the whole Word of Blake Jihad.

The Sixth of June also supported Katherine Steiner-Davion during the FedCom Civil War.[citation needed] Another known pre-Jihad operation of the group was the aid to Kali Liao in the Black May terrorist strikes.

There were hints of strong ties between Kali Liao and the Sixth of June, going so far that the Sixth of June trained and cybernetically modified the Thuggee cult assassins for Kali. Because of that tie and since Kali Liao and Cameron St. Jamais become lovers, some people believed that she was the mastermind behind the later Sixth of June and Word of Blake actions.

The original goals of the group were assassinations of all Successor States leaders but later, probably shortly after Cameron St. Jamais took over control of the group, the hidden Master took control over Cameron St. Jamais, and by extension, soon, over the whole Word of Blake. After the takeover, the goals of the Sixth of June changed radically, ironically ending where they started - in the Word of Blake Jihad.