Skye Tigers Stables

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Logo of Skye Tigers Stables
Skye Tigers Stables
Team Profile
Sport Mech Dueling
League Solaris Games
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Home Solaris VII
Colors Blue and Grey


The Skye Tigers Stables was born from the purchase of Oonthrax Stables by Ryan Steiner. Since then it has been a pro–Skye Province and Free Skye Movement Stable. The Stable is based in Silesia.[1]


In 3056[1] Oonthrax Stables was bought by Ryan Steiner and changed its name to Skye Tigers Stables[2] The Skye Tigers Stables is a Solaris VII-based BattleMech stable known for its loyalty to the Lyran Alliance's Skye Province and Free Skye Movement.[3]

The stable lost most of its influence after the assassination of Ryan Steiner, who bought the Stable to found his political ambitions. This combined with two of its best MechWarriors Glenn Edenhoffer and Victor Vandergriff losing in a much publicized match against Kai Allard-Liao and Galen Cox.[4]

It was not after James Stroud started to manage the team again that it began to recover, and only after the financial investment made by James saved the stable from ruin. They were in the road to excellence, even threatening Blackstar Stables' position when the Solaris Riots of 3062 occurred. The feud between both stables escalated even to the point of Drew Hasek-Davion trying to kill James Stroud and targeted as many actives from the Skye Tigers Stables as possible.[4][2]

The Stable is as of 3067 again on the road to success, though it will take a long run to earn the respect of the others again.[4]

Achillius St. John, one of the Stables' Arena Gladiator, discovered that the Stable was heavily on the take with the Mafia, and hating them, decided to betray the secrets of the Stables to another competitor, in truth a Word of Blake front.[5]

During the opening shots of Operation SHOWTIME, Achillius St. John and other skilled MechWarriors declared allegiance to the Word of Blake and turned on their stablemates from within. Achillius St. John ambushed and killed the Skye Tigers' top three warriors. This act and the insider information he previously provided helped the Word to gut the Tigers within three months.[5][6][7]




Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Maria Utley - She was the Chief Tech of Oonthrax and one of the few Oonthrax staff to remain following its conversion into the Skye Tigers, Utley was still with the Tigers as 3062.[9][10]


As of 3067, the Skye Tigers Stable had ten MechWarriors under contract. Unsavory rumors persist that some Skye Tiger contracts contain hidden "slavery clauses".[3] [11]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Wilhelm Chritchley Civil War [12]
Robert Dalziel Civil War [13]
Glenn Edenhoffer Clan Invasion
Civil War
Erik Gray Civil War [14]
Erin Hoffman Civil War [15]
Billy Joe “Jim Bob” Hudmucker Civil War [16]
Torrence Klein Civil War [17]
Heinrich Strasser Civil War [18]
Achillius St. John Civil War Provided extensive information to the Word of Blake that finally lead to the destruction of the stable. [6]
Victor Vandergriff Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Civil War
[3] [19]



Tactics and Style[edit]

The Skye Tigers do not have any specific tactics, aside from a heavy reliance upon advanced technology to carry the day. Thanks to the lavish support of certain Skye-based "special interest groups", the Stable maintains enough advanced components to ensure they can maintain all their 'Mechs in fighting trim.[3]

Stable Characteristics[edit]

  • Experience = Veteran in 3067
  • Rating = B in 3067
  • BattleMech = 13 in 3067


In 3067 the Stable was paying 1.400 C-bills month and 23% contract percentage fee.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to B Rated Equipment.

They have the following abilities/special rules when using Mappack: Solaris VII's Stable Specific Rules. (Using old rules prior to Total Warfare) A Blackstar player may choose two of their most powerful Level 1 weapons and exchange it for upgraded Inner Sphere (Level 2) technology that is the corresponding version the weapon (example PPC to ER PPC). This may be done only as long this upgrade does not violate any standard construction rules. If any of remaining tonnage is available, it maybe used towards tweaking 'Mech armor, ammunition and heat sinks only. No rolls for success of this weapons swap are necessary when using Customization rule for 'Mechs in Mappack: Solaris VII sourcebook.[20]


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