Skyriders Keshik (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

Delta Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar).png
Delta Galaxy Command Trinary
Disbanded 3060 (Destroyed)
Nickname Skyriders Keshik
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Delta Galaxy


The Skyriders Keshik was the command unit for a front line Galaxy of the Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

The Third Cavaliers bid for and fought on the following worlds during Operation Revival, the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

The Keshik deployed Alpha and Bravo Stars to Rockland in March 3050. The defenders had chosen the symbolic memorial to freedom, Liberty Park as their battlefield. The mechanized infantry regiment that made up the Rockland People's Army was destroyed within minutes of Keshik landing.[1]

Wave Five[edit]

Actual battle records of the Skyriders Keshik are sparse for the fighting on Luthien in January 3052.

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Counter attack[edit]

Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta with Alpha Command Nova accompanied the Nineteenth Striker Cluster during the assault on Matamoras in late July 3059.[2] They hit the planets defenders, the Ryuken-yon, the First Free Worlds Guards and the Second Night Stalkers, fast and hard. It was only due to civilian resistance groups that the planet did not fall as they tied up Jaguar warriors and frustrated their offensive efforts. This forced the Nineteenth to group together for protection and gave the respite needed for the Ryuken-yon to preform a night time combat drop on their positions, supported by a counter attack by the other Inner Sphere forces that broke the back of the Nineteenth and force the Clan warriors from the planet by August 13th.[3]

The remaining elements of the Keshik led the 3rd Assault Cluster during the attack on Pesht. The Watch had identified the defenders as the Seventh Sword of Light, the Ryuken-san and the First Kell Hound Regiment. Unfortunately when the Keshik landed they cut off the Third Assault Cluster by a surprise attack from Clan Wolf (in Exile)'s 2nd Wolf Legion. The Wolf assault smashed into the Keshiks flank and annihilated it.[4] The Wolves allege they left none alive.[5]


The remains of the Skyriders Keshik left the Inner Sphere along with the other Smoke Jaguar forces. Hang Mehta's command unit was still referred to as Delta Galaxy Command Trinary.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Skyriders Keshik
Galaxy Commander William Perez 3040 - 3048[7]
Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta 30?? - 3060

Other Units[edit]



Composition History[edit]


  • Alpha Command Nova (5 OmniMechs, 20 Elementals)
  • Bravo Command Nova (5 OmniMechs, 20 Elementals))
  • Charlie Command Fighter Star (10 OmniFighters)
  • Delta Command Artillery Support Star (5 OmniMechs)



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