Slowboat Colonization

These way of colonization was driven by non-FTL ships, called slowboats.

There was one state projected colonization and several small individual ones.

  • The State Project Colonization effort was the Magellan Program[1].
  • The individual projects were launched between 2082 and 2099 (with no knowledge of the Magellan Colonization Program). These did not come from a single program or class of spacecraft, and they were meant to carry dissidents fleeing the Western/Terran Alliance. At that time, aerospace technology had advanced enough since the Magellan era to make those slowboats surprisingly feasible despite the limited resources available. This is what happened to these ships:
  • Three ships were lost in flight, likely due to life support failures.[1]
  • Three were sent to the planets identified by the Magellan Program: Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani and Epsilon Indi. When they arrived in the mid-22nd century, what they found was burgeoning colonies already established by Terran Alliance Jumpships. The Alliance, who had a long memory for dissidents, turned those missions into laughingstocks and not the historical achievements they were.[1] It it not know what happened to those colonists.[citation needed]
  • The last three slowboats went to uninhabitable systems in hopes of avoiding contact with any future Terran Alliance colonization. Nothing was known on Terra until the 2330s when the records of the slowboat projects were rediscovered by historians. This prompted the Terran Hegemony to launch a much publicized "quest for the lost colonies". The colinies found were:


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