Smoke Jaguar (species)

Smoke Jaguar CBTComp.png
Smoke Jaguar
(Panthera Fuma Strana Mechtis)
Creature information
Type Genetically altered
Homeworld Strana Mechty
Environment Jungles
Average mass 120 kg
Average length 170 cm
Average height 85 cm
STR ???
BOD ???
DEX ???
RFL ???
WIL ???
EDG ???
Traits ???
Skills ???
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack ???

Altered and enhanced in the laboratory to survive in a harsher environment, the Smoke Jaguar[1] , namesake of Clan Smoke Jaguar, is not truly an alien species. Instead, it is a genetically modified species, based on the terran jaguar, that was imported to several worlds by Aleksandr Kerensky's followers, included Strana Mechty where it thrived in that world's fertile jungles which were teeming with prey. On Eden they hunted to extinction the Imp, a ferocious and tenacious predator native of the planet.

The smoke jaguar is noted for its unlimited tenacity and unbound ferocity, and impressed the Clans with its aggressive, straightforward fighting style - a deadly open assault without subterfuge or deceit. Clan Smoke Jaguar warriors believed that Nicholas Kerensky modeled Clan society after their totem, pointing to one of his diary entries in which he extolled the beast's virtues. They revered this animal so such that Clan Smoke Jaguar's warriors crafted their society to match their totem's characteristics, although the Jaguars' chronic brutality and aggressiveness owed more to their first Khan, Franklin Osis, than to the smoke jaguar itself.[2]

After the Second Star League destroyed Clan Smoke Jaguar, statues and other symbols of that Clan were also obliterated. Nonetheless, although the commanders of Operation SERPENT and Operation BULLDOG considered exterminating the smoke jaguar species as well, this was judged to be too barbaric.[1]

Planets where the Jaguar was introduced[edit]


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