Snake Alliance

The Snake Alliance was the name given to a political power bloc in the Clans' Grand Council consisting of Clan Cloud Cobra, Clan Star Adder and Clan Steel Viper. Active during the years after the Great Refusal and into the Wars of Reaving, the Snake Alliance would do much to shape the future of the Clan Homeworlds.[1][2]

Historical Overview[edit]

The Snake Alliance was said to have come together out of the struggle on Homer between the Cloud Cobras and Steel Vipers. Khan Din Steiner of Clan Cloud Cobra struck out at the Steel Viper enclaves located on his capital world, motivated by a desire for revenge because of the Viper's involvement with Clan Coyote's attack on the Babylon Diet in 3062. Clan Star Adder - also with enclaves on the planet - stepped in as intermediaries, negotiating a workable solution that ultimately saw the Vipers withdraw from Homer, while also laying the groundwork for cooperation between the three parties in the future. Khan Steiner recognized that the young Adder Khan Stanislov N'Buta was on the rise, and often deferred to his judgment, if simply to coast in his wake and bide time for his Clan. Viper Khan Brett Andrews used the loose alliance to his own ends as well, eventually battling his way to the top of Clan society with his ascension to the office of ilKhan in 3072.[1][2][3]

Often at war with enemies such as Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Coyote, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Snow Raven and Clan Wolf,[4][5][6][7] the Snake Alliance persisted until the final years of the Wars of Reaving, the strength of its constituent bonds waxing and waning during that time. In 3074, Khan N'Buta gave an eloquent speech before the Grand Council, calling the Steel Vipers the last vestige of Inner Sphere taint left in the Clan Homeworlds. He called for a Reaving against Clan Steel Viper. IlKhan Andrews responded by murdering Khan N'Buta in full view of the council. This action precipitated the downfall of Andrews and his Clan; first, in being stripped of office immediately, and second, due to a Trial of Annihilation called by new Cloud Cobra Khan Hollyann Kardaan that quickly passed the Grand Council. Khan Andrews attempted to declare a Trial of Refusal against the ruling, but was killed on the Council floor by Adder saKhan Hannibal Banacek before any response was made. The Steel Vipers were Annihilated in a joint effort by all of the remaining Clans. As the Cobras would find that their direction had shifted away from the Star Adders, the Snake Alliance was no more in the years after the Wars of Reaving.[8][9][10][11]


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