Solaran League of Independent Stables

Basic Information[edit]

The Solaran League of Independent Stables is one of the many small leagues on Solaris. SLIS plays in several Arenas throughout Solaris.[1]


The SLIS is formed around several small stables, most of them located in The Reaches. Most of the stables are relatively small and poor, which makes about 95% of the 'Mechs outdated technology (per 3060 standards) while only a 5% of the 'Mechs mount any kind of lostech or Clan equipment.[1]

Team in the League are distributed along four equal-size divisions compete in a twenty week season of regular play which are then followed by a short series of play-off matches that pit the best teams between them. The final is an all-or-nothing battle for the championship. Winning the tournament carries a reputation boost and not a small purse, while the runner-up will also see its reputation grow.[1]

During the regular Season, each Team fights frequently two or three times a week, which limits the amount of time Tech can spend repairing the 'Mechs and which could cause a team to have a real problem after a bad night. To keep a level playing field, the SLIS allows each team to use twelve 'Mechs during the season, and only allows replacements after the midseason break and for the playoffs.[1] The SLIS per match allow to use a total of six 'Mechs per battle with a maximum team tonnage per match set as 400 tons. For each match the team can select any 'Mech from the twelve it has available.[2]

A considerable group of fans along the Inner Sphere follow the SLIS. Those fans do like that 'Mechs use older technology because this usually makes the matches last longer and also gives some nostalgic feel to the viewers.[1]

Most of the Standard Rates MechWarriors get are a purse of 1000 kroner for each victory plus four times its base weekly rate if they don't end with a crippled or destroyed 'Mech.[3]

The SLIS is a big operation where almost a billion C-bills are moved legally every week... and if all the black money moved was added to that figure, numbers would be even huger.[4]

Rumors say that the biggest teams on the SLIS own several duplicate 'Mechs in order to swap them in case of having damage beyond quick or easy repair. Similar rumors link some of those teams to Organized Crime along the Inner Sphere that provide financing and that might even take matters in their own hands, maybe making a MechWarrior disappear or be killed, though this last part has never been proved.[1]

The SLIS has very specific rules on bribery, and if a Stable is caught in the act or enough evidence to support the case is presented, the team's participation in the league is forfeit. If a Team is disqualified during the season league law stipulates that a suspended team's record will not count at the end of the regular season (every team's wins and losses against disqualified team will be voided).[5]

Known Stables[edit]

These are the Stables known to participate in the League:


No specific installations are known to belong per se to the League. The League owns/uses several arenas through Solaris, mostly on The Reaches or in smaller towns on the planet.[citation needed]


  • Several quarry arenas are available in the circuit. In this kind of arena a granite quarry envelops the combat area, protecting the spectators from the 'Mech-class weapons. 'Mechs cannot leave arena till combat ends.[11][12]
  • The Hayward Arena[13]

Stable Championship[edit]



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