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Solaris 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-122.316 : -7.025[e]
Spectral classK1V[1]
Recharge time185 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)Zenith, Nadir[1]

The Solaris system was home to at least two habitable worlds or constructs and as of 3152 was located within the Wolf Empire.[3]

System Description[edit]

For much of history, Solaris has been a system on the Lyran Commonwealth border to the Free Worlds League, located near the Rochelle and Gniezno systems. The system contains twelve planets of which two are inhabited—Solaris IV and Solaris VII—and with two more planets having a poisonous atmosphere.[2] Solaris VII is a Terra-sized planet that is famous throughout the whole Inner Sphere for its BattleMech fights, which are operated there as a sport in the Solaris Games.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Solaris IV[edit]

Solaris IV
System positionFourth
Atmospheric pressureAirless
Highest native lifeNone

Solaris IV is an airless planet with an extensive, but not very profitable, mining colony whose only inhabitants are the miners and the few others maintaining services on the planet.[2][4]

Solaris VII[edit]

Solaris VII
System positionSeventh[1]
Jump Point distance5.18[1]
Moons1 (Solaris VII Able)[1]
Surface gravity1.10[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature25°C (Cool-temperate)[1]
Surface water80%[1]
Highest native lifeFish[1]
Landmasses2 (Greyland, Equatus)[1]
History and Culture
Population498,243,000 (3067),[24]
494,937,000 (3071),[25]
451,100,000 (3079)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderCivic Council
CapitalSolaris City[1]
HPG ClassDestroyed during the Jihad (3071),[25]
A (3079)[1]

Solaris VII, the "Game World," is known across the galaxy for its 'Mech fights. Gamblers place exorbitant amounts of money on longshot bets, and fortunes are won and lost daily. Solaris City, in particular, hosts six major arenas and numerous MechWarrior stables. Every year there is a Grand Tournament, which concludes with the naming of the year’s champion (notable champions include Gray Noton and Kai Allard-Liao). However, the games were all but suspended following the breakout of inter-House hostilities within Solaris City in 3063, resulting in numerous casualties and precipitating the FedCom Civil War.

The Game World has long been a choice location to hire mercenaries. However, unlike Galatea or Outreach, many of those available for hire on Solaris VII are individual warriors rather than full mercenary commands. The quality of those available for hire on Solaris is good as the skills required to succeed in the arenas places those with winning records in high demand, but the employers must realize that they might be getting a prima donna, rather than a down-and-dirty warrior. In the end this means that Solaris MechWarriors possess greater independence and are more likely to breach contracts than their brethren of greater experience.[26]

Planetary History[edit]

Early Time[edit]

Solaris VII has always been a highly industrialized world and, as such, was a natural choice for BattleMech factories and testing areas. At the time of the Star League, competing BattleMech manufacturers began to let their new models fight each other in front of highly placed Star League representatives to encourage the purchase of the 'Mechs; the first fight took place between a Phoenix Hawk and a Sentinel in 2695.[citation needed] It was not long until the Events were broadcast on the planet and bets were placed on the outcomes of the fighting in a serious way. Mercenaries used Solaris as a training ground and the Gunslingers and Ronin used the world as a neutral place for their bitter fighting during the First Hidden War. The popularity of the fighting grew steadily and, at the time of the Amaris Coup, Solaris was already famous for its duels, some of them shown around the Inner Sphere.

The Succession Wars[edit]

Originally a world of the Free Worlds League, the planet suffered in the early throes of the Succession Wars. At the outbreak of fighting, Solaris turned to the Lyran Commonwealth during the First Succession War. However, a Marik fleet in retaliation bombed the planet with nuclear weapons.[27]

In 2820, the FWLS Despiser, an Essex-class WarShip in service to the Free Worlds League, supported a raid by elements of the Red Eagles and Clinton's Cutthroats mercenary units against Solaris VII. After the attackers on the ground had finally been driven off, the Despiser conducted an orbital artillery bombardment on the planet with tactical nuclear weapons,[13] narrowly missing the northern fringes of Solaris City proper but causing considerable damage to suburbs and industrial centers, and killing thousands.[28] The entire Xolara area was set ablaze in a nuclear firestorm. (Even by 3055, locals still commemorate 2 April 2823 as the day the Despiser was lost in a misjump, with the anniversary subsequently declared a holiday by the planetary council.[13]) In 2824, Archon Marcus Steiner declared Solaris VII an independent world under Lyran Commonwealth protection through the Solaris Act, after the Despiser attack had firmly consolidated support for the Lyrans among the population.[13]

The duels on Solaris suffered from this only in the beginning because of the lack of idle MechWarriors due to the wars. Until 2800 the world had recovered from the stagnation again, mainly because the concept to build five BattleMech arenas in Solaris City, each of them representing one of the Great Houses, in which the Warriors of the Successor States should fight for the honor of their nation. Leading to the first real Solaris Championship in 2812. Since then, the championship is held every year.

In the subsequent Succession Wars Solaris also suffered severe devastation, including the near-destruction of Blue Shot Weapons in 2998 when the FWL used the Fourth Marik Militia to first attack the International Zone and then retreat to Roland Fields.[29]

In 3002, the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces struck down a major Free Worlds League offensive on Solaris.[30] The attack was stopped easily by the LCAF. Loki sabotaged one of the Marik DropShips crippling a Battalion of 'Mechs while the rest of the defenders easily isolated the rest of the invading force. The only Marik success of the fight was by chance, where two Lances destroyed some small factories in Xolara.[29]

In 3020, the Thirty-third Marik Militia the regiment, augmented by the Seguin's Strikers mercenary unit, attacked the planet but relentless aerospace fighter attacks and a mounting counterattack by regular Lyran forces and Hansen's Roughriders repulsed the attack.[31]

Fourth Succession War and after[edit]

In October 3028, the LCAF repositioned a number of frontline units as the Free Worlds League Military launched Operation Dagger. One such unit was the Thirty-second Lyran Guards who were relocated to Zaniah, leaving Solaris guarded by the Tenth Skye Rangers. The LCAF strategic intent wasn't to prevent a League invasion, but rather to make invading forces pay more dearly for any gains and slow the progress of any breakthrough.[32]

In 3043, the Atrean Hussars mounted a raid on Solaris that ended in disaster for the FWLM unit.[33]

Clan Invasion era[edit]

Following the Clan Invasion, Kai Allard-Liao moved to Solaris VII and won the mantle of Solaris Champion from 3055 to 3056. Despite speculation that he would surpass Gray Noton's legendary seven-year reign, Allard-Liao instead retired and returned to active military duty.[34]

It was at the conclusion of the Invasion that Solaris became the largest community for Rasalhague expatriates. While they never gained their own quarter in Solaris City, many became famous as deadly competitors who fight for other stables regardless of their affiliation. Their matches generate large sums which are channeled to helping needy Rasalhagians as well as supporting partisan struggles behind the lines.[35]

Solaris Riots[edit]

Just prior to the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War in 15 August 3062, friction between Davion- & Lyran-Loyalists heated into city wide riot in streets of Solaris City. ComStar garrison forces had been transferred off the planet at command of the LAAF Archon.

The FedSuns-aligned Solaris citizens and MechWarriors formed alliances to fend off with the Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion loyal Stables. These group formed after the two factions' quasi-champions Michael Searcy & Victor Vandergriff fought their championship match in the Steiner Stadium, which spilled over into the streets. The factions made an alliance between stables and cooperatives forming makeshift battalions fighting through the city. LAAF Peacekeepers, 32nd Lyran Guards,[36][37] failed to contain the fighting (with their commanding officer dead) and were consolidated with Steiner Loyalist forces. It was not until champions Searcy and Vandergriff fought yet again in the darkened ruins of the Steiner Stadium did the initial fighting end in their mutual annihilation of each other.

Fighting between the two factions briefly ended, however the fighting would continue occasionally for several more years.[38] LAAF High Command later dispatched the Seventeenth Arcturan Guards to reinforce the peace and also to keep the fighting from flaring up.[39] The situation in Solaris was a mirror of the internal situation in all FedCom space. The combats may be considered the first battle in the incoming civil war.


The Word of Blake invaded Solaris suddenly on 16 June 3068 with the Twenty-fifth Division, taking advantage of both the chaos caused by the war between the Free Worlds League and the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Lyran Alliance, as well as the absence of the Com Guard detachment previously assigned to Solaris but which had been recalled to take part in the disastrous Case White operation.[17][40] The Blakists referred to the invasion as Operation SHOWTIME,[41] and while the Word of Blake forces initially managed to escape being identified, the sheer number of free agents and stables on Solaris quickly led to an underground resistance movement[17] which came to be known as the "Solaris Home Defense League."[42]

During the first days of the invasion in 3068 Yoris University Amalgamated (a group belonging to IE) made a significant find buried beneath the dark sands of the Tangerine Desert. The 16th of June a mixed force from the WoB tried to crush the site and destroy all the artifacts but the small mercenary force under IE's payroll (Gannon's Cannons) was able to stop them time enough for the Yoris University Amalgamated's team escape.[43]

Following the occupation of Solaris the Solaris Home Defense League engaged in months of low-level resistance.[44] Initially, the resistance suffered from a lack of resources - particularly ammunition, weaponry and the transport capabilities to move either ammunition or weapons. In June 3070 the resistance used a number of Savior Repair Vehicles as transport vehicles to move several platoons of infantry and Dispossessed MechWarriors into position to launch raids on a number of Blakist supply caches located throughout the International Zone. Having captured important quantities of ammunition, parts and BattleMechs, the resistance then used the Saviors to move the supplies out of Blakist territory. Although two Saviors were hit badly enough by Blakist infantry to trigger internal ammunition explosions, the CASE systems aboard the vessels protected both the embarked resistance fighters and much of the supplies.[41] The local yakuza families came to an agreement with the SHDL to provide equipment and ammunition.[45][46]

The level of resistance activity changed dramatically on the 3rd of May 3071, when Home Defense League forces launched a daring assault on Solaris City itself, securing the International Zone. It was the first time that mercenary forces (Gannon's Cannons) were contracted by some stables to support the SHDL forces.[47] This was just the beginning of a campaign to recapture the entire city, and the Home Defense League managed to push the defending Blakist forces out of Solaris City by the 11th of June, although not before the planetary HPG had been destroyed by the retreating Blakists.[44][48]

Around June 3071, a number of the SHDL gladiators dropped out of the regular fighting to get back into the arenas. The Open-class arenas were still closed but numerous Class-Two and Class-Three arenas were opening already as the City's denizens attempted to get back into the swing of things, even Erik Gray was offered several Championship bout, but he refused them all because he remained in the field against the Blakists.[49]

In August 3071, the Word of Blake forces launched a blitzkrieg-style assault on the International Zone, reclaiming control of the zone on the 17th. It took until the 15th of October for the Solaris Home Defense League to push the Word of Blake forces back out of the city and into the Reaches.[50][51][52][48] The Word of Blake forces would finally concede control of Solaris and leave the world on the 11th of December 3071.[52][53][54]

Once situation started to get a bit clear, the Solaris Police Department's reputation was damaged with the revelation of SPD "snatch" squads had acted in conjunction with Blakist ROM Internal Obedience units to detain several hundred influential Solarans during the early days of the occupation.[55]


After the Jihad, the problems around Solaris City increased with the return of refugees. At that time, the government struck a devil's bargain in 3072 with the surviving Mafia and with surviving elements and the Triads and Tongs, which became the effective overlords of the refugee camps.[25]

In 3079, only one company on Solaris was capable of continuing to design and build anything other than RetroTech 'Mechs; the Vining Engineering and Salvage Team. Based out of the city of Xolara on Grayland, Vining were busily recruiting experienced and skilled personnel from other firms as the Jihad drew to a close.[1]

Where once Solaris City was split into six districts, each with virtually its own government and police force (all of whom ignored the de jure planetary government), the Jihad changed everything, and after that the whole city was put under the planetary government's sole administration.[25]

While the bulk of the Lyran Alliance's Skye Province joined the Republic of the Sphere shortly after the signing of the Republic Formation Treaty, the Lyran government insisted on retaining Solaris within the Alliance. Despite the nearly total devastation of Solaris' military industrial base, the Lyran government was loath to interfere with the fact that the industry rebuilding on Solaris in the wake of the Jihad focused on supplying the arenas; the arenas were enough of a financial boon to render them the preeminent Lyran interest, even ahead of the military production.[56]

In early December 3135, as The Republic finished tearing itself apart, rioting erupted at a Class IV Ishiyama preliminary bout.[57]

Dark Age[edit]

By 3145, the planet was under Wolf Empire control.[21]

Under the Wolves, the Solaris Games continued. A special exhibition match series, the Royal Fantasy Tournament, continued through at least 3146.[58] The arenas found new use for the Clans as well; for 3146's Great Reaving, the Wolf Empire used them as venues for Trials.[59]

Clan Wolf used the Games as a source of new warriors. Some, such as Maricela Villa, were brought in through a "feeder" system,[60] or, like Sebastian Paschke, recruited through open calls.[61] Others were acquired aggressively. By November 3148, under Anastasia Kerensky's orders, a team of five Wolf warriors were seizing promising gladiators as bondsmen through Trials of Possession.[22]

IlClan Era[edit]

After the Wolf Empire's touman departed for Terra in 3151, Solaris VII was one of several Empire worlds where unrest against the Clan rulers grew. In August, unknown raiders in black-painted 'Mechs—suspected to be arena fighters—struck the spaceport warehouses bordering Solaris City's International Zone and escaped aboard three DropShips before the Wolf constabulary could interfere. The DropShips had not been spotted entering the system and were not tracked leaving orbit, indicating that the Wolf garrison had a potentially well-equipped and -trained foe nestled on Solaris itself.[62] [63]

In January 3152, Clan Sea Fox began selling Wolf-manufactured military items on Solaris VII. The equipment appeared to have been made in Terran factories, which for the Wolf garrison raised disturbing questions about the military readiness of their supposedly victorious brethren on Terra and their lack of support for the Empire they'd left behind.[64]

Military Deployment[edit]





  • Tenth Skye Rangers[68]
  • Thirty-second Lyran Guards RCT[69] (until October)[32]


  • Thirty-second Lyran Guards[70]



  • Thirty-second Lyran Guards RCT[73]


  • Fifty-sixth Division[74]


  • Fifty-sixth Division (temporarily left the planet during the Solaris Riots)[75]


  • Fifty-sixth Division[76]


- Deployed across Solaris and Rahne, the unit was at 75% strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.
  • Planetary Militia[1]




SolarisVIIWorld Map.JPG
Grayland Mapkey.PNG

Solaris VII is the largest planet in the system and is a rainy, water-rich world consisting only of two continents and some small islands[80]:

  • Grayland, which is heavily populated, owns large lakes and wide rivers. It features a vast taiga in the north and open grassland in the south, separated by large coniferous forests in the middle. The climate in the center of the continent, the location of Solaris City, is wet and cool. The rainy season there lasts almost all year in contrast to the temperate climate of the south coast.
  • Equatus, the second continent and smaller than Grayland, is dry and mountainous. It is not strange to find Blood pits in the larger fishing villages.[81]

Most of the world's water was contaminated by heavy natural metals.[80] The Tangerine Desert is home to one of the remote testing labs belonging to VEST.[82]

Planetary Locations[edit]


  • Solaris City, the capital of the planet and home to the best known arenas on the world, located on Grayland.
  • The city of Aerlan holds Clio Lane, the Overlord Stables' training facility, located on Grayland.[83]
  • The city of Nowhere, located on Grayland, has a small 'Mech arena and sponsors its own games between local MechWarriors.[84] The town also sponsors Exoskeleton matches (Class 1).[85] Located near Majestyk Weapons, the city is home to a Blue Point Weapons facility.[81] There is also a facility from Blue Shot Weapons.[86] The facilities from Solaris Arms are located south of Nowhere.[87]
  • The city of Xandria, located on Grayland[88] is a paradise place except in winter.[81] The city holds a facility from Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated.[89]
  • Chiba is seacoast town on Grayland.[90] Fitzhugh Stables has its main training compound nearby which includes a large practice field and a repair facility. The repair facility was crippled in 3051, forcing the stable to use outside help. The damage was done allegedly by Thaddeus Bromley.[90]
  • The small town of Hayward, located on Grayland, where the Hayward Arena is located and where matches of the Solaran League of Independent Stables are played.[91]
  • The town of Joppo, located on Grayland, is the timber industry capital which host its own arena, the Joppo Arena.[81]
  • The town of Mitchell is located southeast of Solaris City, located on Grayland.[92] The town holds DeLon Stables training fields and also The Labyrinth, a Class V Arena. It is also home of a vacation house from Theodore Gross.[81][92]
  • The logging town of Riverbend, located on Grayland is so small that it didn't even show on maps. It is home to a bloodpit arena.[93]
  • The town of Sophia, located on Grayland, has a small 'Mech arena and sponsors its own games between local MechWarriors.[84]
  • The town of Vacaville, located on Grayland, has a small 'Mech arena on its edge consisting of a 100-meter-square clearing.[84]


  • The city of Mantraa is the capital of Equatus.[81] Located in this city there is the Fulcrum Fields, one of the planet's spaceports.[94]
  • Anchorage is one of the largest villages of Equatus. It hosts its own Class Three Arena, Anchorage Arena, subsidized partially by Fitzhugh Stables and several small collection of independent MechWarriors collectives. It is also the birth place of Solaris Games star Jaime Ferrero.[81]
  • The town of Port Townsend, situated on Equatus is competing with Mantraa to be the capital of the continent.[81]


  • New Brighton was the base of the Iron Men Stables.[95]
  • South Nowhere was the location of the Solaris Arms manufacturing firm.[96]
  • Valis City is one of the few planet cities with a spaceport. Riots broke out in the city in 3135 when a rumor apparently stated that Capellan DropShips had been detected entering the system.[97]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

Image gallery[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 48 systems (48 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Rochelle 12.2 Gniezno 15.9 Uhuru 17.6 New Kyoto 19.1
Algorab 22.1 Kalidasa 23.0 Zaniah 24.6 Amity 24.7
Alkes 25.0 Rahne 25.5 Pardeau 27.4 New Hope 27.4
Concord 32.1 Fianna 33.6 Shiloh 34.2 Kolobrzeg 39.4
Aquileia 39.8 Vindemiatrix 40.0 Gacrux 40.0 Alhena 40.5
Hyde 41.2 Lamon 41.5 Danais 42.1 Catroxx 43.0
Caledonia 44.2 Stewart 45.0 Launam 45.2 Wing 47.3
Adhafera 47.4 Sarpsborg 47.9 Tania Borealis 48.1 Phecda 48.2
Chertan 48.4 Dieudonné 50.7 Nestor 51.8 Helm 52.4
Dubhe 52.5 Carsphairn 52.9 Hesperus 53.8 Arganda 54.0
Wyatt 55.1 Alchiba 55.3 Merak 55.4 Bondurant 55.7
Savannah 58.2 Milton 58.8 Remulac 58.8 Alcor 59.6


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