Solaris Broadcasting Corporation

Solaris Broadcasting Corporation
Corporation Profile
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
HeadquartersSolaris City
(Solaris VII)[1]
Product(s)News and entertainment
Division(s)OGS Productions

The Solaris Broadcasting Corporation was a holovid news and entertainment agency located on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Solaris VII. SBC was almost entirely focused on the gladiatorial Solaris Games and was the primary holovid source for the games for the Inner Sphere and beyond.[1][2]


Originally centered around the main drawcard arenas of Solaris City, SBC eventually expanded its focus, first covering fighting at "off-circuit" venues on Solaris and other such Game Worlds, before moving onto broadcasting the fighting on the front lines. The company has steadily developed into its own news service, giving even the vaunted Donegal Broadcasting Company a run for its money.[1] The Solaris Broadcasting Corporation also leases its state of the art and LosTech enhanced facilities as a production center for other non-Solarian broadcasting entities to edit and retransmit the daily 'Mech fights for their own networks, a service the company charges a premium for.[2]

As of 3053, SBC's superstar was ace correspondent Barbara Emerson, with her in-depth exposés on crime and corruption in the Game World earning her equal numbers of friends and enemies on Solaris. Reports by Emerson directly linking the yakuza and the management of the Ishiyama arena spawned rumors that the yakuza would retaliate, with SBC doubling security to ensure it star was kept safe.[2]

By the conclusion of the FedCom Civil War, the Solaris Broadcasting Corporation planned to move further into the mainstream with plans to add a new line of daytime and evening holodramas to the company's broadcasting lineup after it acquired the smaller Xolara-based OGS Productions whose hit series The Sterling Hawks and The Scarlet Brand who noted for offering viewers a dramatic new look at the boom and bust of Solaris VII's minor stables.[1]

During the Word of Blake Jihad the Solaris Broadcasting Corporation would show classic episodes of Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation's beloved "The Steinhearts" in response to technical difficulties. During the Blakist occupation of the Solaris VII SBC fell under Blakist control, forced to speak favorably of the Word and to demonize the efforts of the Solaris Home Defense League.[3][4] With a number of its more notable reporters escaping from the Blakists to resume telling the truth, the Solaris Broadcasting Corporation would ultimately survive the Blakist occupation, but not without cost—suffering losses of 63%[5]

During the Dark Age the company become an affiliate of INN.[6]

Notable SBC Shows[edit]

Alliance Monthly[7]
The Altsoba and Jenny Show[8]
SBC News - SBC Nightly News, SBC News Extra, SBC News Special Reports,[9] [10] [11]
Solaris City News at Six[4]
Song of Stone Miniseries - The story of Devlin Stone, published in 3094.[12]

Known SBC reporters and staff[edit]

Altsoba - The Altsoba and Jenny Show[8]
Barbara Emerson - Reporter, Solaris VII[2]
Bill Fundy - SBC News, Gallery[13]
Daniel Redmond - Reporter, New Kyoto[14]
Edgar Phiebus, Jr. - Anchor, Solaris VII[8]
Frank Ferranno - Field Reporter, Tharkad[9]
Heinrich Kaufman - Reporter, Gacrux[15]
Jenny - The Altsoba and Jenny Show[8]
Jim Reordon - Reporter[11]
Juanita Rivera[16]
Kiva Cooper - Pulitzer Prize winning Reporter, Solaris VII[10][4][11]
Lars Olafson - Anchor, Solaris VII[11]
Paula Slater - Sportscaster, Solaris VII[17]
Marlena Stockheart - Reporter, Phecda [18]


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