Solaris Class Six Champion

The title of Solaris Class Six Champion is bestowed upon the winner of the annual Solaris Grand Tournament.

In all the years since the Solaris Games began, only 14 MechWarriors have served as champions for four years or more. Of these fourteen, two were champions for five years, and a single MechWarrior—the legendary Gray Noton, the "Legend-Killer"—served for an unbelievable seven years.[1][2]

The Grand Tournament[edit]

In order to win, 128 MechWarriors competed in the seven-day, Open class, single-elimination tournament that has been the heart of the Solaris Games for centuries. And like an annual changing of the guard, the top 20 ushers in a new generation of the Inner Sphere‘s finest competitors.[3] MechWarriors compete against opponents chosen by lot in all of the Class Six Arenas. Their rankings set with each Grand Tournament, modified over the between-season matches, and verified in pre-Tournament qualifying rounds, these modern-day gladiators slug it out throughout the Tournament, knowing that it only takes one lucky engine hit, one devastating gyro crash, or even one lucky—yet tragic all the same—cockpit breach to make or break their careers. The battles are not to the death, but with live ammunition and fully charged lasers one never knows what is going to happen. And though most oddsmakers may disagree, the Tournament matches are balanced, both for the benefit of the combatants and spectators alike. Opponents are matched by comparative weight classes and weapons loads by the Tournament committees, who also choose the best venues for these warriors and judge on the outcome in event of a tie. Fight fans are encouraged to bet and bet often, but try not to lose your shirt, because even the longest odds can come through with an unexpected turn of events.[4]

Historical List of Class Six (Open Class) Champions[edit]

Class Six Champions
Period Pilot Mech
2812-14 Cabol Hirsch Warhammer
2815-18 Marco Moliotti Archer
2819 Andrea Haskell
2820 Drew Onada
2821 Falai Fouadi
2822 Victoria Shandell
2823-24 François Drullet Stalker
2825 Shinobu Kanedo
2826 Xin Lee Kiang
2827 No Champion
2828-29 Peter Grigg
2830-31 Charlene Madan
2832-35 Casai Iusang
2836 Tetsuo Kanawa
2837-38 Oliver Two Horse
2839 Maki Murahashi
2840-41 Oliver Two Horse
2842 Michael Craddock
2843-45 Robert Singharaj
2846 Shola Umoja
2847 Shih Fenh
2848-49 Robin Wolfram
2850 Trent Barton
2851 Cuatemoc Cardenas
2852 Viktor Petrov
2853 Mohammed al Ibrahim
2854-55 Arleta Gordon
2856 Winston Carter
2857-58 Roger Bostwick
2859 Harriet Granger
2860 Yi Hiang
2861 Danielle Jenner
2862-64 Martin Essex
2865 Letitia Donovan
2866-67 Kyle Burton
2868 Arvid Shiner
2869 Samui Chichi
2870-74 Paul Fokker Stalker
2875 Jenette Hart
2876 Drake Morder
2877 Clinton Finn
2878 Steven Mak
2879-80 Shanda Rambeaux
2881-84 Harrison Kent
2885 Edmond Arens
2886 Sheila Marie Bellows
2887-88 Gunther Bellows
2889 Tag Burton
2890 Richard Napier
2891-92 Linda Schwartz
2893 Echigo Kama
2894 Shelley Hine
2895-98 Paul Reese
2899 David Sells
2900 Charles Tabey
2901-03 Erica Smale
2904-05 Kwan Tong Ngo
2906 Susan Geitz
2907-09 Michael Ross
2910 Joseph Miracle
2911-15 Kan Sho BattleMaster
2916 Nance Hogan
2917 Brent East
2918-21 Meyer Bellagiorre
2922-23 Fritz Schleiffer
2924 Thar Drickle
2925 Sandra Higgins
2926 Stephanie Van der Kellen
2927 Rico Totze
2928-31 Rhian Caselton
2932-33 Michael Plevant
2934 Lars Tebbit
2935 Cara Grafwallner
2936 Francis Rypczynski
2937-38 Daryoush Sabahi
2939 Arthur Hames
2940 Noburu Kuichi
2941 Margaret Portillo
2942 David Ewell
2943-45 Norman Bales
2946-47 Hideto Moriyasu
2948 Rex Falconburg
2949 Julie Baumgartner
2950-51 Bennet Hammond
2952 Alberto Diez
2953 Gary Markstaller
2954-55 Alan Stubbs
2956-57 Robert Cramer
2958 Henry Eurman
2959 Desiree Careaga
2960 Rajid Malool
2961-63 Corneliu Dlocea
2964 Faezeh Djeyfrouddi
2965 Duane McComas
2966-68 Rosemary Rubenstein
2969 Diane Byassee
2970 Jame Caggiano
2971-73 Kevin Langworthy
2974 Tomas Greissman
2975-76 Jas Czesla
2977 Masud Ahmaddi
2978-79 Rafael Marella
2980 Astrid Schlagler
2981 John Wahpehpah
2982 Sidney Lakey
2983-84 Thomas Moe
2985 Charles Fagen
2986 Ernest Burroughs
2987 Hector Garcia
2988-89 Gloria Lillehaugen
2990 Michael D. Martin
2991-93 Dale Kreuger
2994-95 Gordon Marquand
2996 Nita Krevando
2997-99 Akia Toyoshima
3000 Brett Hartenberger
3001 Hans Schleinning
3002-05 Terri Bates Atlas
3006 Phyllis Barnes
3007-08 Vanh Daravivanh
3009-12 James O'Gordon BattleMaster
3013 Orlando Perez
3014 Joel Groshong
3015 Maxwell Boddi
3016-22 Gray Noton Rifleman (Legend-Killer)
3023 Manuel Delvalle
3024-25 Hans Moder
3026-27 Philip Capet Rifleman
3027 Justin Xiang Modified Centurion (Yen-Lo-Wang);
Legend-Killer in his final fight
3028 Chaka Mobutu
3029 Anya Terrel
3030 Allen Fitz
3031 Maurice Potter
3032 Richard Townsend
3033 Taleb Hammadi
3034-35 Debra Fromherz
3036 Andrew McCafftey
3037 Bao Zhan Fu
3038-39 Matthew Balcomb
3040-43 Amanda Hamilton
3044 Niculcea Dumitrescu
3045 Kyle Isaacs
3046-47 Julia Marroquin
3048 Michael Romney
3049 Grady Kiefer
3050 Jason Bloch Atlas
3051-53 Elizabeth and Tanya O'Bannon (co-champions) Marauder II
3054 Jason Bloch Atlas
3055-56 Kai Allard-Liao Modified Centurion (Yen-Lo-Wang)
3057-58 Wynn Goddard Stalker
3059-62 Theodore Gross Katana;
Masakari (though he piloted it sparingly)
3063 No Champion - Solaris Riots
3064 Evelyn Czerny ALB-3U Albatross
3065-66 Ervin Rebelke Customized Atlas
3067 Kelley Metz Ti Ts'ang
3068-3071 No championship fought during the Word of Blake occupation during the Jihad
3072-3129 Unknown
3130-31 Ronald Ghost Bear Kodiak
3132 Shayne "Shockwave" Kirkpatrick Customized Zeus
3133 Unknown
3134 Jacob Fryer
3135 Trisha Swanson Scourge
3136-42 Unknown
3143 Joe Gaskill Exhumer


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