Solaris Class Three Champion

The title of Solaris Class Three Champion is bestowed upon the winner of the annual Solaris Class Three Arena Tournament using a Medium BattleMech.

List of Class Three Champions[edit]

Class Three Champions
Pilot Period Mech Notes
Meyer Bellagiorre[1] Five years straight Champion prior to 2918 In 2918 he was Class Six Champion in his first year in the category. This might indicate he was champion from 2913 to 2917[citation needed]
Adam Wiley[2] Two consecutive years Champion before 3051 In 3051 he was already fighting in Class Six
Garett Moore[3] 3049 - 3050

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  • There has never been an official Class Three Champion list, only Open Class. Some MechWarriors have been identified as Class Three Champions. This list is to help to track them all.


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