Somjit Berkhout

Somjit Berkhout
Affiliation Terran Hegemony

Somjit Berkhout (b. ???? - d. ????) was a senior political figure from the world of Fomalhaut in the Terran Hegemony during the closing years of the Star League era. After Stefan Amaris assassinated First Lord Richard Cameron, launching his coup to take over the Terran Hegemony and ultimately the Star League, elections were called within the Hegemony. The elections, driven by Amaris, were to elect a new Director-General of the Terran Hegemony, and were to be held on 28 January 2767.[1]

A member of the Hegemony High Council at the time, Berkhout was one of three political figures within the Hegemony to include his name on the ballot in opposition to Amaris, the others being Atrisha Kisabaka of Bryant and Count Frederick Oldenhof, President of the Terran Congress; however, Amaris arranged for both Berkhout and Kisabaka to withdraw from the ballot prior to the election. Kisabaka withdrew from the election to focus on "family needs" after Amaris had her family rounded up and imprisoned in a gulag somewhere on the Terran continent of Africa; Berkhout was forced to withdraw his name after he was suddenly indicted for embezzlement. This left Amaris to run effectively unopposed, and was just one of a number of ways in which Amaris and his supporters rigged the election, resulting in him being elected to the post of Director-General on 30 January 2767.[1]


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