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Sondra Stoverston

Sondra Stoverston
Character Profile
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Rank Leutnant
Profession MechWarrior

Famous for her savagery at the controls of the Vulcan BattleMech, Sondra Stoverston was a Lyran Commonwealth MechWarrior operating during the Fourth Succession War. [1] [2][3]


Commander of a medium lance in the Lyran Commonwealth's Twentieth Arcturan Guards, Stoverston's 'Mech was painted brownish-red and named Bloodlust, seemingly as a reflection of her attitude towards combat. Sondra was a major threat to any infantry unit, with a reputation for killing infantry platoons to the last person. While her superiors did not condone some of her tactics, Sondra Stoverston was considered one of the best MechWarriors in the regiment.[1][2]

During the Fourth Succession War, Sondra Stoverston participated in the Twentieth Arcturan Guards' battles on Camlann and Buckminster. Sondra was involved in the fighting around Lake Nowse. Her reputation preceding her, the Mechanized Infantry attached to the Sixth Arkab Legion broke and ran rather than face her Bloodlust.[2]


Stoverston was best known as a highly skilled Vulcan pilot.[1][2]



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