Sonic Stunner

Sonic Stunner


The Sonic Stunner is a nonlethal weapon designed to incapacitate a target. With a weight around 600 grams, it does so by projecting an ultrahigh-frequency sound to stun or knock out a person without causing permanent damage. Targets wearing battle armor, or who have had bionic replacements in both ears, can filter out the Sonic Stunner's blast and are immune to its effects.[1][2]



Item: Sonic Stunner
Equipment Rating: D/B-C-B/B
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 0S/4D
Range: 2/5/7/10 meters
Power Points per Shots: 1
Cost/Reload: 100/-
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 600g/-
Notes: **



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