Sons of Janus

Sons of Janus
Product information
Type Short story
Author Jason Schmetzer
Pages 44
Publication information
Publisher CGL, BattleCorps
First published 24 September 2012 (within the A Time of War Companion); republished 24 January–15 March 2015 (standalone serial)
Era Jihad era
Timeline 17–19 March 3075

Sons of Janus is a short story by Jason Schmetzer. Its seven parts were first published in the A Time of War Companion as intro fiction for the book's individual chapters. Between 24 January and 15 March 2015 it was also published online via BattleCorps as a standalone publication, again in seven parts.


Part 1: Man vs. Boy[edit]

(published 24 January 2015)

Even in the midst of a planetary invasion, secrets must be protected. Or stolen. As the Circinus Federation invades Blantleff, an elite team of mercenary infiltrators moves toward a Marian research facility, intent on stealing the secrets hidden there. Part 1 of 7.

Part 2: It's a Job[edit]

(published 8 February 2015)

The Marian security at the Rostrum site was as competent as it could be, but unarmored infantry sent against battle armor is at more than a disadvantage. When that battle armor is piloted by veteran mercenaries, the disadvantage is even greater.

Part 3: Don't Feed the Animals[edit]

(published 15 February 2015)

The mercenaries have found what they came for, but they've taken too long. Outside the facility a platoon of Marian tanks has arrived. It will take all of their skill to escape the powerful units sent to stop them.

Part 4: Maelstrom[edit]

(published 22 February 2015)

As Cabot and his team change modes of transportation, a new officer takes over the pursuit. Centurion Bohan had fought the Circinus Federation before, but what had come from the sky in this invasion was nothing like what he'd fought before.

Part 5: Always Check References[edit]

(published 1 March 2015)

Having made their escape, the small mercenary team lays up, waiting for their Circinan contact to arrive to pull them out. Behind them, their Marian pursuers are closing the gap. Things should be winding down, but for Cabot and his team, trouble is only beginning.

Part 6: When One Door Closes[edit]

(published 8 March 2015)

As the meet disintegrates into violence, Cabot and his team fight desperately to survive and escape. Around them, the elite infantry of the Word of Blake fights back, and it will take an unlikely ally to save them.

Part 7: ...Another Door Opens[edit]

(published 15 March 2015)

Betrayed and embattled, the small group of professionals must work together if they're going to escape the Word of Blake and their proxies as the battle for Blantleff enters its final stages.

Plot summary[edit]

On behalf of employers he believed to be the Circinus Federation, Cabot Dayne leads a team to raid a Blantleff-based Marian Hegemony research facility. The raid itself is a success, the team stealing numerous records and samples, but when they meet with their employer, they discover that they had been working on behalf of the Word of Blake, a faction they are unwilling to serve.

Meanwhile, Marian forces, including Centurion Lucian Bohan, track down the research thieves, following them all the way to their meeting with their employer. The Marians attack, and the mercenaries turn on the Blakists, sparking a chaotic firefight. Several Marians and mercenaries die, and the few remaining mercenaries flee with Lucian, hoping to survive together and to find a way off the Blakist- and Circinus-attacked planet.

After arriving at the Marian evacuation landing zone, Cabot saves the life of Senator Marcus Tullius Livinus from a self-detonating Blakist; Lucian dies in the explosion. In return, Marcus offers to bring the mercenaries aboard one of the evacuating ships, showing interest in employing the remnants of the squad.

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