Sorrow of Eden

Sorrow of Eden
Product information
Type Short story
Author Alan Brundage
Pages 11
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 02 November 2014
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 26 May-10 July 2822

Sorrow of Eden is a short story by Alan Brundage that was published online on BattleCorps on 2 November 2014. It deals with an event from early Clan Jade Falcon history, explaining why this Clan's touman, unlike other Clans, has no Alpha or Beta Galaxy, and what happened to a number of Jade Falcon Bloodnames that were discontinued.

Teaser text[edit]

In the wake of Operation KLONDIKE, Clan Jade Falcon must survive a test of loyalty or be torn apart.

Plot summary[edit]

On May 26, 2822, following the successful conclusion of Operation KLONDIKE, Adam Calbot and the rest of Clan Jade Falcon have assembled with the other Clans outside the final rebel stronghold, the Black Brian of Dagda. To the dismay of Calbot and his fellow Jade Falcons, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky announces that he will join his heritage with Clan Wolf.

By July 4, on Eden, unrest has been growing within Clan Jade Falcon's warriors, with many questioning the ilKhan and the very purpose of the Clans. While Calbot shares their anger towards Kerensky, his loyalty to his Clan remains stronger. When a technician brings word that Calbot's fellow Star Colonel Mathieu Jae-Hyouk is holding a secret meeting with other disgruntled warriors intent on leaving the Clans, Calbot heads to their base. There he witnesses an assembly of mutinous Beta Provisional Galaxy's warriors, with a few from his own Alpha Provisional Galaxy. Jae-Hyouk gives a speech advocating outright secession and exile, which receives acclamation from the crowd.

Calbot races back to his headquarters and survives an assassination attempt by Star Captain Geoffrey Ustone before notifying Khans Elizabeth Hazen and Lisa Buhallin. Ordered to put down the rebellion immediately, Calbot mobilizes his loyal warriors and orders them to take position at Yakut Spaceport. Privately contacting Jae-Hyouk, Calbot unsuccessfully tries to persuade his old friend to abort his revolt.

As the rebels attempt to storm the spaceport and seize the DropShips, the loyalists begin a merciless battle with them. Calbot and Jae-Hyouk square off, with Calbot bringing down Jae-Hyouk's 'Mech and then persuading the remaining rebels to surrender.

Four days later, Khan Hazen reviews the assembled captives. She upbraids Jae-Hyouk for drawing the ilKhan's unfavorable attention to the Clan, and announces that the Bloodhouses of Jae-Hyouk, Yont and Ustone will be permanently reduced for their members' role in the rebellion. Hazen then executes Jae-Hyouk and the other ringleaders with her katana, and exiles the remaining rebels to marginal postings.

Shortly after, ilKhan Kerensky and his wife Jennifer Winson conduct a tour of Clan Jade Falcon's holdings. While they are complimentary and say nothing of the rebellion, Kerensky and Winson's ambiguous phrasing leave Hazen and Calbot convinced that they know about the Clan's internal troubles.

Following their departure from Eden, Hazen informs Calbot that she will disband his Galaxy as well as Jae-Hyouk's, since several of his own warriors joined the rebels. However, Calbot will instead be placed in charge of a new unit reporting directly to the Khans, the Jade Falcon Guards. Hazen then reveals that ilKhan Kerensky seems to be seeking a scapegoat, which but for Calbot's actions would have been Clan Jade Falcon. To save the Clan in the future, she has regrettably ordered saKhan Buhallin to stir up strife on Circe with the already-contentious Clan Wolverine - giving the ilKhan a new focus for his ire. Calbot says this backstabbing is no different from the treachery of Jae-Hyouk's rebels, to which Hazen can only say that it is survival of the fittest.

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