Production information
Manufacturer New Age Systems
Production Year 2749[1]
Model SPD-502
Class Light Aerospace Fighter
Tech Base Star League
Cost 1,538,182[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons
Structural Integrity 7
Frame F-50/C
Power Plant GM 150 Fusion Engine
Fuel 400 points
Communications System CMDSTAT 400-D
Tracking & Targeting System Scope Paint
Heat Sinks 10
BV (1.0) 703[2][3]
BV (2.0) 807[4][5][6]


The Spad was a light Aerospace Fighter introduced in 2749, considered one of the best fielded by the Star League Defense Force before its dissolution. Its most impressive feature was its durability and ease of maintenance, protected by eight tons of standard Carbondale III armor plates designed to deflect laser shots. The Spad was also built such that it was possible to reach, repair and replace every component with a minimum of down time; even its GM 150 engine could be replaced in six hours, compared to the average time of ten and a half in other fighters. Unlike previous fighters, the layout of the interior allowed for quick replacement of any damaged or destroyed component with similar components, no matter the manufacturer. Much like the role played by the Mercury in the development of the OmniMech, the popular semi-modular Spad served as the basis for what would later become the OmniFighter. In a variation on Stealth technology used in 21st century conventional fighters, the Spad also features a wing geometry which, rather than reduces radar signature, projects "echoes", confusing some tracking systems - projecting false targets or appearing as a different, much larger class of Aerospace Fighter[7][4]

Over two thousand Spads were produced prior to the outbreak of the Amaris Civil War, after which ComStar mothballed the primary Spad factory on Terra along with a large cache of SPD-502s. The craft's ease of maintenance however meant the design would remain in service for centuries, though all of the more advanced 503s were either destroyed or left with the Exodus Fleet. The return of the Clans would prompt ComStar to reopen the factory and upgrade their stock of Spads, while the outbreak of the Word of Blake's Jihad would see a more advanced version put into production.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The fighter is armed exclusively with energy weapons, reducing its dependence on supply lines. Though interchangeable with other suppliers, newly constructed Spads were armed with a StarCutter PPC, an Allied Technologies Model 2 Medium Laser, and an Allied Technologies Model 1 Small Laser. The PPC in particular allowed the Spad to punch through most light fighters' armor in only a few shots. The energy weapons were mounted inside the hull with retractable covers, allowing them to survive reentry and disguise its full armaments from its enemies.[7][4]




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