Special Recon Group (Wolf's Dragoons)

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Special Recon Group
Formed Early thirty-first century
Nickname SRG
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons,

Unit Description[edit]

The Special Recon Group is a special forces command which is part of the mercenary command Wolf's Dragoons. The SRG mixed command consists of a group of highly skilled troopers which utilize BattleMechs and has a separate vehicle/infantry Combined Arms force. The unit is trained to use speed, stealth and skill to carry out its highly specialized missions for the Dragoons. The command's components are trained to operate independently or as a unified force. The unit is principally attached to WolfNet and sometimes works with Seventh Kommando.[1]

Unit Insignia(s)[edit]

The SRG component units have their own insignias. The entire Command's main insignia is a silhouette of a panther. Graham's Company or Night Owls' insignia is a Snow Owl with its wings extended. The Combined Arms Group's insignia is 8-pointed star which is half black & half red.

Unit History[edit]

Notable Succession Wars Era Actions[edit]

In 3007, McCarron's Armored Cavalry commenced a raid on the Dragoons' main base on New Valencia. The Special Recon Group helped Gamma Regiment defend their base, Fort Jaime, from the Liao mercenaries. McCarron's Armored Cavalry took control of the nearby city of Raiteland and caused significant damage to it. Meanwhile the Recon Group and rest of the Dragoons held the Cavalry off until three regiments of the Eridani Light Horse arrived to repulse the raiders. The Special Recon Group accompanied the Seventh Kommando in a retaliatory raid against the Cavalry's base on Menke.[2]

The unit was noted for support during the Marik Civil War. Beginning on September 14th, 3014 the part the assault various worlds loyal Janos Marik, the SRG begun with assault on Nova Roma. Together with Gamma Regiment and the Seventh Kommando they succeeded in overthrowing the loyalist militias into Anton Marik's hands.[3]

The SRG survived the devastating fighting at the end of the Fourth Succession War intact and was transferred to the Home Guard after the Battle of Misery,[4] however by 3055 it was operating as an independent unit under the Special Operations Command.[5]

Activities in later Eras[edit]

During the Dragoon Civil War the SRG deserted from Alpin Wolf's forces to support Jaime where their battlefield intelligence was vital in allowing his inferior force to outmaneuver Alpin's regiments.[6]

The Special Recon Group, normally assigned to its parent command, Dragoons Special Operations Command, was attached to Dragoons' Alpha Regiment for temporary assignment.[7]

It is unclear if the Special Recon Group survived the assaults against Outreach during the early years of the Jihad. It is also unclear whether they participated in rescue of Dragoons forces on their former homeworld with Alpha Regiment.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Special Recon Group
Major Hansen Brubaker 3030[9]
Major Steven Graham 3054[10]
Major Petri Shadd 3055 - 3059[5][11]



Composition History[edit]


Special Recon Group (2 mixed companies plus command lance)[12] Command Lance (1 light BattleMech lance) - Elite Skilled

CO: Major Hansen Brubaker
Note: Command Lance Note: Aside from Major Brubaker's Wasp, the lance consists of single Wasp LAM & 2 Stinger LAMs.

Graham's Company (light BattleMech company) (Nickname: The Night Owls)

CO: Captain Steven Graham
Graham's Company Note: Unit DropShip assets include three Leopard-class DropShips; Peter Iredale, Silkie, & the White Rose. Entire most of three Lances are rated Elite skilled, with few less experienced MechWarriors.

Combined Arms Company

Jump Infantry (Note: Its non-officer commanders are largely Elite rated.)
Aerial Recon Squadron Note: The entire Squadron/Lance is rated at Elite skill rating. Unit consists of 4 Ferret light scout VTOLs.
Combined Arms Company Note: Entire Company utilizes Intruder-class DropShip, Bowfin. The Armored Platoon exclusively uses Pegasus hovertanks.


Support Vessels


Later listings for the Special Recon Group do not give composition or any details of their activities as of this writing.

Organization Structure[edit]


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