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Spencer nearby systems (3151)
Spencer nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 5.522 : -489.476[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

First Succession War[edit]

Spencer held the dubious distinction of being involved in the only full-scale conflict to be fought between Periphery states during the First Succession War - or, for that matter, any of the Succession Wars. The Taurian-Canopian War - also referred to as the Herotitus Crisis or the 200-Hour War - was a brief and largely pointless campaign fought between the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat. The war was launched by Protector Semyon Calderon, who managed to convince the Privy Council that the acquisition of Herotitus and Detroit would expand the Concordat's resource base and help stave off an anticipated invasion by the Federated Suns.[34]

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The world is encircled by a vast shallow ocean, teeming with native and Terran aquatic life.

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Given the distances involved, Semyon's claims bordered on the farcical, but held the promise of recapturing systems that the hated Star League had removed from the Concordat. Herotitus and Detroit were both resource-rich and self-sufficient worlds with a relatively low populations at the time, and like Spencer had been assigned a kind of protectorate status by the Star League, which was largely indifferent to the systems other than making efforts to monitor development activity that might produce additional resources. While the Star League existed, Spencer had been administered by the Concordat, but the military forces on the planet had been limited to simple paramilitary forces. With the collapse of the Star League, the Taurian Defense Force had quietly bolstered the garrison on the planet. In June 2813, Semyon launched his ill-fated offensive, and a TDF departed Concordat space, bound for Detroit and Herotitus.[34]

The attacks went very poorly - the Second Pleiades Hussars were effectively wiped out on Herotitus, while the Red Chasseurs ended up in a stalemate on Detroit.[35][36] When Magestrix Rwannah Centrella learned of the attack, she ordered retaliatory attacks to dissuade further attempts by the Taurians - with task forces dispatched to attack both Spencer and the nearby Portland system, the latter being a Taurian system on the fringes of the Concordat.[37]

Unfortunately for Kossondra's Volunteers, who were assigned to the conquest of Spencer, their invasion went poorly. Supported by a mixed regiment of armor and infantry and two aerospace fighter squadrons, the Magistracy Armed Forces contingent arrived at the zenith jump point and burned directly for the planet, swiftly identifying the city of Liberty Point as the capital via eavesdropping on local communications using satellites. Defending Spencer was Comptroller Hendras Mohandun, the commanding officer of the local militia forces, which consistes of a mixed regiment of armor and BattleMechs. Mohandun had Liberty Point evacuated, and hid the majority of his militia troops among the larger buildings; the Volunteers obligingly grounded near the city and stormed into the capital, falling directly into Mohandun's trap. After an hour of heavy combat that cost the Volunteers half their forces, militia aerospace and conventional fighters struck at the MAF DropShips, cutting off the Volunteers. With no clear escape path, the remaining MAF troops surrendered.[37]

The swift Canopian retaliation for the invasion, along with news of the disastrous battle for Herotitus, resulted in a quickly-negotiated truce and an agreement that Detroit, Herotitus and Spencer should all be reaffirmed as demilitarized system. The prisoners captured on the various worlds involved were repatriated, and Semyon was widely scorned by the media of both nations.[38]


Known during the Star League era for its fisheries, Spencer was resettled by the Taurian Concordat and the Magistracy of Canopus as a part of the Treaty of Taurus and was incorporated into the New Colony Region. When the New Colony Region declared itself independent in 3066 Spencer joined the newly-formed Fronc Reaches. As with the populations of the other Fronc Reaches worlds, the inhabitants of Spencer were hopeful that trade agreements with other states such as the Marian Hegemony, Outworlds Alliance and Taurian Concordat would lead to prosperity; in the case of Spencer, the major export was expected to be food from the fisheries which had been restarted by Taurian settlers. The various delicacies produced by the fisheries were already being prepared for sale as far away as Dneiper, Alphard and Taurus.[23]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Third Fronc Air Wing
  • Third Fronc Armor

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (18 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Cygnus 16.5 Bellerophon 22.1 Chaadan 22.8 Úr Cruinne 27.2
Fronc 28.6 Don't 32.6 Taygete 32.8 Contrilla 38.9
Detroit 39.4 Alloway 43.5 Addasar 44.2 Appian 44.9
Polybius 46.4 McEvans' Sacrifice 48.0 Independence 55.3 Highwater 55.9
Nuncavoy 58.9 Balawat 59.5 Zhaomaon 60.7 Joppa 61.1


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