Spina ArcShip (Spina Khanate)

Spina ArcShip
Vessel Profile
Previous names Poseidon
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin

The ArcShip Poseidon was a former Potemkin Class Troop Cruiser of Clan Sea Fox. The Poseidon is a heavily modified WarShip, re-designed as a Sea Fox mobile Community.

She is currently the flagship (and command center) of Clan Sea Fox's Spina Khanate. She and her Khanate fleet had been operating in Republic of the Sphere's Prefectures VI, VII and VIII as of 3134.[1] SaKhan Mikel Sennet was the commanding officer of Spina Khanate at that time.

She was originally listed as ilKhanate's command ship or Capital in 3130.[2]

In 3145, the Poseidon was listed as the Spina ArcShip with Sakhan Petr Kalasa in command. [3]

Ship Facts[edit]

The ship was slowly converted into an ArcShip after the Jihad. The ship became a main population center for the Sea Foxes. The Poseidon was enlarged from its original tonnage to 2.5 million tons.[4] The vessel carried over 50 DropShips, with dozens of them Behemoth Class DropShips, placed all over its hull. This allowed the ship's crew and population capacity to increase with the added life support equipment granted by the permanently docked Behemoth DropShips. With the habitat increases and improved stores capacities, this allowed the ship to retain a population of a half-million people.[5]

The permanently "docked" DropShips were grouped together and various former large cargo holds were referred to as communal centers. These community centers were named with the Greek alphabet. The ship had a dozen such communities onboard. The Alpha Community Prime was a large community located in the Poseidon's old Primary Cargo Hold A. This was the home of 50 thousand Clansman from various castes.[6] The community is with for others half the size of Alpha.

The Poseidon's dimensions were increased by 50 percent to the length of 2,250 Meters.[7]

By 3080 it was also producing Dasher II, Ha Otoko, Piranha and Warhammer IIC.[8]


Originally designed by the Star League as a military hybrid cruiser and troop transport. The ship traveled with Exodus Fleet, in 2784 to what became Pentagon Worlds.

After the formation of the Clans, the ship entered service with the original Clan Sea Fox. After several centuries of service and the Clan Invasion, the ship returned to the Inner Sphere.

Near the end of the Jihad, then-Clan Diamond Shark converted its WarShip fleet into mobile communities and heavy transport vessels. Poseidon was converted into what became known as an ArcShip and designated as the command ship of the Sea Fox's Khan. Decades later the ship was redesignated as Spina Khanate's flagship.

Under the direction of saKhan Mikel Sennet, Poseidon and the other of ships of her Khanate deployed in 3134 to the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture VI, VII and VIII. The Khanate hoped to find new deals to be made due to the HPG Blackout of 3132.

Poseidon had a near-collision with the CargoShip Voidswimmer on 21 September 3134, when it jumped into the Adhafera system.[9] The ship was spared damage as Voidswimmer managed to move out of its arrival point. Soon, word arrived that the Sea Fox Khan was being hunted by would-be assassins. The ship left the system after re-charging its K-F drive to search for the Khan.

The ship was renamed as Spina ArcShip and assigned to the Spina Khanate.


  • It was confirmed via a question in the "Ask The Writers" forum of the official Catalyst Game Labs forum that the Tracy had been renamed the Marshal Ney:
The Diamond Shark fleet (what survived from the Jihad) was turned into ArcShips or traded to the Snow Ravens for vessels to turn into ArcShips.

Terror of the Deep --> traded to CSR (Lynn McKenna)
Nagasawa --> Talismantia (Spina Beta)
Space Hunter --> Caleuche (Tiburon Gamma)
Tracy --> traded to CSR (Marshal Ney)
Architeuthis --> traded to CSR (Mulhacén)
Swift Strike --> traded to CSR (Kutkh)
Devourer --> severely damaged and scuttled over Twycross circa 3085
Kraken --> Fox ArcShip
Poseidon --> Spina ArcShip
Titanic --> Tiburon ArcShip
Tsunami --> ilKhanate ArcShip

  — Roosterboy, Catalyst Game Labs "Ask The Writer" Forum, 26 Oct 2014


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