Spitball Gas Capsule Pistol

Spitball Gas Capsule Pisto


The "Spitball" Gas Capsule Pistol is an unusual weapon first utilized by Loki agents of the Lyran Intelligence Corps and now used by covert agencies throughout the Inner Sphere. The pistol uses compressed gas to propel a plastic ball, filled with liquid, gas or powered chemicals, at a target whereupon it breaks open and spills its contents. A total of twenty-five "rounds" can be loaded into the pistol, while simple compressed-air cartridges are good for up to 200 shots. Practically any chemical can be inserted into each capsule by means of a special syringe, although the most volatile or caustic compounds can quickly erode the casing and leak into the pistol's firing chamber. Depending on the type of chemicals loaded, only sealed body armor with some sort of chemical protective quality is proof against the "Spitball".[1]



Item: Gas Capsule Pistol ("Spitball")[2]
Equipment Rating: C/E-D-C/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 0B/*
Range: 4/11/19/27 meters
Shots: 25
Cost/Reload: 6/2
Affiliation: -
Mass/Reload: 1kg/40g
Notes: -1 to Attack Roll; Gas Cartridges must be replaced after 200 Shots (1 C-bill per Gas Cartridge)


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