Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star

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Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star
Product information
Type Sourcebook Companion
Development Joshua C. Perian & Ray Arrastia
Primary writing Elliotte C. Want III
Pages 21
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35SN106
First published January 19th, 2019
MSRP $3.99
Era Civil War Era
Dark Ages
Timeline 3059-3090
Series Spotlight On
Preceded by Spotlight On: Holt's HillToppers
Followed by Spotlight On: Nakayama's Blood


Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star (abbreviated SO:Crimson Seeker) is the sixth in a series of campaign supplements designed to provide details on combat units featured in the BattleTech Universe.

This product focuses on a small but prominent Clan unit from Clan Goliath Scorpion. Gamma Galaxy's Crimson Seeker Star, which over the course of the thirty-first century since its founding role for those devoted to seeking artifacts of the past.

Also in this book; Listing of character profiles of its notable members per the three eras in which the unit was active, force composition at those times, alternate game options/stats for Total Warfare, Alpha Strike, Abstract Combat System and provides Alpha Strike Data Cards for all eras.

Publisher's Description[edit]

In the right place, a few small rocks can change the course of a river. The Seekers of Clan Goliath Scorpion and the Escorpion Imperio have long sought out relics of the past which they believe will steer their course. But relics are not the only rocks: one small unit and its warriors changed the path of the Clan and the Imperio. The saKhan of fifty years who formed them. The Star Colonel who returned to guide them in their darkest hour. The survivors who escaped the Reavings to claim a new home. Those who continue to use the relics of the past to guide the future. Come discover the small rocks of the Crimson Seeker Star, who changed the course of the Seekers, the Goliath Scorpions, the Escorpion Imperio and many more.

Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.


  • Instruction
  • Unit History and Description
Traditions and Tactics
Force Composition
Uniform and Insignia
  • Personalities
Ren Posavatz
Archibald Ben-Shimon
Tyla Myers
Jean-Girard LeClair
Elizabeth Ben-Shimon
Kyle Dinour
  • Personal Roster
Invasion Era
  • "The Blade of the Khan" - Scenario
  • "Hell's Armory" - Scenario
  • Total Warfare / Alpha Strike Special Command Abilities
  • Alpha Strike DataCards [3040]
  • Alpha Strike DataCards [3090]
  • Abstract Combat System Combat Teams


  • Unlike other sourcebooks, Spotlight On: Crimson Seeker Star lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.
  • Art from previous Battletech books was reused in this product. The artists were not credited as part of the product