Spotlight On: Schmidt's Petraries

Spotlight On - Schmidt's Petraries (Cover).JPG
Spotlight On: Schmidt’s Petraries
Product information
Type Sourcebook Companion
Author Geoff ‘Doc’ Swift
Development Joshua C. Perian
Pages 20
Cover Artwork David Kerber
Illustrations David Allen Kerber
John Paul Lona
Brent Evans
Alan Blackwell
Matt Plog
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35SN113
First published September 10th, 2021
MSRP $3.99
Era Dark Age era
Series Spotlight On
Preceded by Spotlight On: Thermo Police
Followed by Spotlight On: Hellion Keshik


Spotlight On: Schmidt’s Petraries (abbreviated SO: Schmidt’s Petraries) is the ninth in a series of campaign supplements designed to give details on combat units featured in the BattleTech Universe.

The book covers the history and makeup of Schmidt’s Petraries, elite command company part of the Hanseatic League's Hanseatic Defense Force. It features a unit structure for use in Total Warfare and Alpha Strike game rules. This includes Alpha Strike Data Cards for 'Mechs united in various parts of its history serving and protecting the Wastes and the Alliance.


  • Introduction / Credits
  • Unit History
  • Unit Description
  • Special Command Abilities
  • Personalities
  • Personal Roster
  • Be Careful What You Seek (Scenario)
  • Heroes Rise, Nation Falls (Scenario)
  • Total Warfare / Alpha Strike Special Command Abilities
    • Schmidt’s Petrarie Befehslanze (Command Lance)
    • Schmidt’s Petrarie Aufkalaruglanze (Recon Lance)
    • Schmidt’s Petrarie Schwere Kavallerielanze (Heavy Cavalry Lance)
    • Schmidt’s Petrarie Befehslanze (Incendiary Lance)
    • Schmidt’s Grenadiers (Battle Armor Unit)

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Artists noted in Infobox were uncredited.

Spotlight On: Schmidt's Petraries notes the introduction a new Hanseatic League BattleMech, named the Surtur. As of this writing, no art has been added for this Mech except for the Alpha Strike Data Card. The silhouette of a Reseen WHR-9K Wolverine is used as temporary art.